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Latest Big Brother 18 Spoilers:

We have finally hit the last week inside the Big Brother 20 house with just 3 remaining houseguests, Tyler Crispens, JC Moundiux, and Kaycee Clark.  The remaining houseguests have one more Head of Household competition that is held in three separate stages, the first of which will be shown in tonight’s episode.  This is the […]
Despite quite a few boring weeks of Big Brother 20, this season still ranks high on our list of favorites, because the first nine weeks had non-stop madness. Everything from Kaitlyn Herman nominating and evicting Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams to blindside after blindside. The season kept getting more wacky, fun, and thrilling…then it hit a […]
The Big Brother day started with Kaycee Clark and Tyler Crispen having their usual love fest. Tyler continued to hype Kaycee up for part two of the final Head of Household. He told her that she could beat JC Mounduix, and even if she lost it, he had her back. He would win part three […]
Currently, Tyler Crispen is the only player guaranteed to compete in part three of the finale Head of Household competition. JC Mounduix and Kaycee Clark still need their place in the finals. Originally, Tyler and Kaycee discussed Tyler throwing her the win so that they made their odds of making to the final two together […]
The Big Brother 20 final three filmed there “remember when” segment yesterday with Jeff Schroeder. After the mimosas went away, the houseguests took very long naps. When they were awake, JC Mounduix continued to annoy Kaycee Clark and Tyler Crispen. He’s been having a case of revisionist history. He believes that he controlled the season, […]

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Get ready for Big Brother 18 with your CBS All Access subscription! (CBS)

Get ready for Big Brother 18 with your CBS All Access subscription! (CBS)

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