The Celebrity Big Brother finale is only five days away. Big Brother has been nice enough to allow five people to stay to the final day, but there will still only be one winner and two people at the end. This means every decision from now until Sunday could mean the difference between fifth and first place on Celebrity Big Brother.

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This week’s Head of Household needs to be very careful about his moves. One wrong one could be detrimental to his game. The right one could prove that he deserves the Celebrity Big Brother champion title.

Right now, no one thinks Mark McGrath can win Celebrity Big Brother. He has been floating around, barely making any game moves. However, as the new Head of Household, this is his chance to cause some chaos, create some waves, and put a stamp on his game.

Most of the season, Celebrity Big Brother has had a gender divide. And with only a few days from the finale, that divide still seems obvious. Mark wants to use his Head of Household to weaken the power held by the women. Right now, they’re up four to three. Mark wants to specifically take a shot at Brandi Glanville annd Ariadna Gutierrez.

Mark sees them as a powerful duo, and Brandi has made it pretty clear that she hates Mark’s closest ally, James Maslow. Ross Mathews, however, is in an alliance with Brandi and Ari. He wants Omarosa on the block and out the game.

He tried to push this agenda on Mark last night, but didn’t seem to work.

So who did Mark end up nominating this week on Celebrity Big Brother?



Mark stuck to his original plan: He nominated Brandi Glanville and Ariadna Gutierrez for eviction. Marissa may be the renom if one of them comes off the block.

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