Big Brother 15 cast member Candice Stewart didn’t win half a million dollars for her 30th birthday but she did get a fabulous gift — freedom from the BB15 Jury house so she can celebrate at home! The most fascinating part of Candice’s backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder is her insistence that she and Aaryn Gries are now totally fine, all is forgiven, and that her former nemesis isn’t really a racist, just ignorant.

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Candice said Big Brother was all that she expected, except she didn’t expect it to be quite so personal. However, being on the show has taught her to forgive and to grow. On the subject of Aaryn Gries, she believes that Aaryn is just young and that she was just a product of the environment she is raised in. Now, however, she thinks Aaryn knows better and has totally changed. (On a side note, it’s been cut from this edit of the interview, but Candice actually made Aaryn watch The Help as an ‘educational experience’ and Aaryn was supposedly shocked that it was based on real events.)

As for GinaMarie Zimmerman, who insulted Candice’s parents and mocked her for being adopted, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of forgiveness forthcoming. Candice is very, very happy that Andy won instead of GinaMarie. She seems to have taken it all in stride though. Candice is also a very good sport when Jeff presents her with her very own curly clown wig in honor of her having to wear that awful clown suit during some of her most dramatic moments of the season.

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