Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 10 Highlights: The Fight for the Power of Veto

This is only the beginning of the Big Brother 20 madness, as we close out our first full day of feeds, and second day of Big Brother Live Feeds action. Yesterday, we saw the impact of the Big Brother 20 divide continues to rock the house. Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and Winston Hines have their teams ready to strike at any moment. However, middle-man Tyler Crispen continues to try to keep out of the drama.

Big Brother 2018-Week 1 Day 10 Live Feeds Recap

He knows that his Big Brother game depends on whether the nominations stay the same. Tyler played it safe by putting Steve Arienta and Sam Bledsoe on the block. No one feels threatened by Sam nor Steve, and both aren’t solid in either side of the house. Getting rid of either of them gives Tyler a no consequences Head of Household week.

Swaggy C and his side knows this, and aren’t happy about Tyler’s safe decision. They want him to make a big move by taking at shot at Winston or Angela Rummans, but Tyler is slightly more loyal to Winston’s side, so he has no plans to nominate either of them. Swaggy C and his team, especially Kaitlyn Herman, have been trying to influence Tyler’s decision if the Veto gets used.

He has made it pretty clear that if the Veto gets used, he’s putting Bayleigh Dayton on the block. Tyler and her little conflict during the Head of Household competition has really grown legs, and Tyler seems willing to make an enemy of Chris by taking out his showmance

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Swaggy and Bayleigh’s “secret” showmance has basically been exposed. A few houseguests heard them kissing last night, and then Swaggy confirmed it to Tyler. However, Chris made the showmance seem more like part of his game, not too serious.

Bayleigh Dayton, Big Brother 2018, Big Brother 20

Swaggy and Bayleigh also discussed their closeness, and decided it was best to put some distance between themselves, to not become bigger targets. Bayleigh was a little annoyed with this, because no one is putting the same sort of target on other obvious duos, like Brett Robinson and Winston, or Angela and Rachel Swindler.

Tyler made time to talk to all the Big Brother 20 houseguests. He tried to find out if they would use the Veto (if they won it), and who they felt he should nominate as a replacement.  His most interesting conversations were with Sam and Bayleigh. Sam basically confirmed that she has the BB App Store reward. Bayleigh used her meeting with Tyler to put on some tears to get sympathy, and not go on the block.

After the Power of Veto, Faysal Shafatt was feeling a lot more confident. Both sides went over their strategy to get their way this week, and both sides were sure that they would get out their target.

Big Brother 20 Winston Hines and Brett Robinson

Rachel focused on telling Tyler to get Haleigh Broucher to vote out Steve, so they could have the numbers to evict him. Faysal told Steve that he would save him only if he was sure Angela, or someone on that side would go on the block. Faysal felt good about his side having the numbers to save Steve.

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