Big Brother 20 Week 7 Eviction Prediction: Will Brett Flip to Save Rockstar?

Big Brother 20’s Kaycee Clark winning this week’s Hacker competition set things in motion for another Hive blindside. On Thursday, the Hive suffered a major loss with Bayleigh Dayton being evicted. Then, they were riding high with Haleigh Broucher in the Head of Household seat. They only had to worry about the hacker hijacking her HOH.

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar Lantry and Kaycee Clark

If Haleigh or someone on her team won it, things would have gone as planned: Tyler Crispen would have used his Cloud app, and Kaycee or Angela Rummans would have entered the jury house this week. Kaycee nominating Angie “Rockstar” Lantry really took away Haleigh’s power because the numbers are not in her favor. Rockstar still had some hope of survival if she won this week’s Power of Veto.

Rockstar came close to winning it, but her giving Tyler her answers during the third round of OTEV hurt her chances to win the Veto. Then losing the Veto to Tyler pretty much set her Big Brother 20 fate. Prior to the POV ceremony, Haleigh and Rockstar tried very hard to get Tyler to use the Veto on her. He made it clear in his Veto ceremony speech that he would not be saving Rockstar because Haleigh put him on the block when she was the hacker.

Big Brother 20 Rockstar Lantry

Haleigh was a bit too confident this week and thought that she had the votes to keep Rockstar in the game. Now her, Faysal Shafaat, Scottie Salton, and Rockstar are in for their fifth blindside of the season. Miracles do happen in the Big Brother game, but we don’t see one happening for Rockstar this week.

We expect a five to one vote with Rockstar being evicted over Kaycee. Rockstar will become the second member of the Big Brother jury.

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