Big Brother 18 Alliance Round-Up: Week 2

It is no surprise that the Messiah could not see his own eviction looming last week, and the back door plan to evict him (Jozea Flores) by the 8-Pack alliance came to fruition. That’s a definite check in the win column for the house majority alliance.

Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20
Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20

Now with 9 members, adding Paulie Calafiore to the group, who is in the crosshairs of the 8-Pack alliance this week and can a house majority alliance be continue to be successful and preserve control of the house?

Once Jozea left the BB house with his tail between his legs, the alliance that sent him packing all agreed to target Jozea’s allies and take them out one-by-one. The closest houseguests (HG) to Jozea were Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, Bronte D’Acquisto, Natalie Negrotti, and Bridgette Dunning — who had formed another formidable-sized alliance of 6 members called The Revolution. Once Jozea was evicted, that alliance fell by the wayside rather quickly as none of them correctly predicted the Jozea eviction. This left those HGs free to join other alliances or simply solidify the relationships already formed in the BB house thus far.

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Category 4 won the “Berry Balanced” competition on Sunday evening’s episode and chose Paulie as the next Head of Household (HOH). Paulie went from a nominee on the Block to HOH in the matter of a few days. This just confirms the notion that things are constantly changing in the BB house. Paulie did not waste much time putting into action his 8-Pack alliance’s plan to eliminate Jozea’s closest allies with Victor being at the top of Paulie’s list. The only question left unanswered was the manner in which Paulie was going to get Victor out the door this week.

As HOH, Paulie chose to nominate Paul and Bronte to the Block with hopes of pulling a back door maneuver on Victor later in the week. Paulie promised Paul safety as long as he went along with the plan of being a pawn. Paul didn’t have much choice in the matter; he either went along with Paulie’s plan or risked being evicted himself.

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Although HOH Paulie nominated Bronte and Paul to the Block, Victor still felt as though he was the target for eviction this week. In an effort to gain trust, Victor revealed to Paulie and Frank Eudy that he had won the Road Kill competition and held the power of secretly nominating a third HG to the block. Victor chose to nominate Tiffany Rousso to the Block to try and create some chaos and throw the target off his back this week.

After the dissolution of the Revolution alliance, Paul was left without any protection from a secondary alliance to fall back on once Jozea was evicted. This left Paul in a very vulnerable situation. Unfortunately, Victor was also left in the same situation with no other alliance to rely on for protection. The girls in the Revolution alliance, Bronte, Natalie, and Bridgette, had spun-off from the Revolution alliance with their very own all-girls alliance called the Spy Girls, also known as the Powerpuff Girls.

The Spy Girls alliance is in a desperate situation, and they are fully aware of their dire position at this point of the game. Not only are they targeted by the 8-Pack for being allies with Jozea with one of their members currently on the Block, but also all-girls alliances never seem to fare well in the Big Brother house.


Da’Vonne Rogers was approached by Natalie, of the Spy Girls, for potential membership into their group. Although Da’Vonne was not keen on the idea, she does like the idea of possibly bringing Natalie over to her very own all-girls alliance and spin-off from the 8-Pack called the Fatal 5. We will get to that alliance in a minute. Natalie has not rubbed anyone in the BB house the wrong way yet, and Da’Vonne can see the potential ally in her. The Spy Girls are holding out hope that the plan to evict Victor plays out in their favor, giving them one more week in the house together to figure out a plan to gain some power.

The Fatal 5 is a second all-girls alliance in the house consisting of all the girls from the 8-Pack alliance including Da’Vonne, Nicole Franzel, Tiffany, Michelle Meyer, and Zakiyah Everette. This alliance seems to be forming a solid bond with the exception of Tiffany. Many members of the 8-Pack alliance and the Fatal 5 suspect Tiffany of playing both sides of the house as she is seen in many “serious” conversations with the Spy Girls. Frank, a definite ringleader for the 8-Pack alliance, does not trust Tiffany at all and has not been shy to voice his distrust. Frank has gone as far as to tell his alliance that the sooner Tiffany is evicted from the house, the better.

Here’s where the wrench really gets thrown into the all plans. Although Frank is not a fan of Tiffany and desperately wants her evicted from the house, she has managed to create a close and unique bond with the current HOH and second ringleader of the 8-Pack alliance Paulie. Don’t forget these two have one common denominator with both having siblings previously playing the game and finishing in the top 3. Paulie and Tiffany have been seen cuddling together on more than one occasion. Members of the 8-Pack alliance feel as though that relationship between Paulie and Tiffany actually trumps the alliance pact they all have together. Most of the girls feel as though Tiffany would protect Paulie over them any day of the week. All of this has resulted in some unsettled feelings in the alliances.

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Tiffany may unknowingly hold the most power in the BB house at the moment: she is a member of the house majority alliance 8-Pack; she is a member of the spin-off girl troupe Fatal 5; she has a seemingly secret pact with current HOH Paulie; finally, she has been seen discussing game play with the other side of the house, the Spy Girls. If she is playing both sides of the house and in talks with the Spy Girls, she could potentially destroy all of the aforementioned alliances in the house. It is hard to imagine that the schoolteacher that cries at the drop of a dime who has yet to display any of the mastermind skills her sister demonstrated in BB17 could weld so much power. This is Big Brother, and we have been taught over the years that anything can happen in the BB house however.

Just like the girls from the 8-Pack alliance spun off to create their own same-sex alliance, the boys, with the exception of James Huling, have created their very own BroAlliance also called Paulie’s Boys. This alliance consists of Paulie, Corey Brooks, and veteran Frank. This alliance does come with it’s own issues. Frank wants Tiffany out of the house yesterday, and Paulie has stated that he trusts her implicitly. In addition, Corey and Frank have had final 3 talks that don’t include Paulie. This alliance could break down quickly if Tiffany ends up becoming the target for eviction this week while on the Block.

Other smaller pacts have been made along the way such as James and Nicole, Corey and Michelle, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah, Corey and Frank, Tiffany and Paulie, and finally Frank and Nicole. History has shown that smaller pacts do fair much better in the long run of the BB game. Will a larger alliance such as the 8-Pack manage to keep it together? Will an all-girls alliance finally gain some traction in the BB game?


When you look at all of the current alliances (big and small) in the house as compared with the four teams created during the premier, there does not appear to be much cross-over. This could prove to make things very interesting further down the road with HOH team competitions and decisions for naming the HOH. Also, will Tiffany realize the power she actually has in the game at some point and use it to her advantage? Will the house majority 8-Pack alliance come through with their plan to evict Victor who is not even on the Block at this point? The Power of Veto (POV) competition tomorrow night will help answer that and many other impending questions.

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