Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Who Wins Survivor Blood vs Water?

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Will the spoilers be right about who won Survivor Blood vs Water? All season long we’ve been hearing one name as the person who wins Survivor 2013. Right now it is looking like those very same Survivor spoilers were probably correct about which castaways will make the final three tonight. So we are guessing they might also be right about who will win Survivor 27 when the last Tribal Council is over!

Survivor Blood vs Water finale - Source: CBS
Survivor Blood vs Water finale – Source: CBS
We posted Survivor Blood vs Water spoilers way back at the beginning of October about which castaways allegedly made the final three this season. Although quite a lot of Survivor Blood vs Water spoilers have turned out to be wildly inaccurate, it looks like this rumor will probably turn out to be true. According to the supposedly leaked information that made its way to the Survivor Sucks forum, the final three tonight will be Tyson Apostol, Gervase Peterson, and Monica Culpepper.

Yep, you probably could have guessed that one for yourself. No matter which of the players on Redemption Island comes back into the game for the Survivor Blood vs Water finale, the three vets will allegedly stick tight with their alliance. They will either vote out Ciera or the returning player, however it shakes out in the end. So who wins Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water will supposedly come down to these three castaways. If you’re ready to find out which one of them is predicted to be the winner tonight, just keep scrolling past the photos below.

(Survivor 27 finale photos! Click the thumbnails for bigger pics and to scroll through. Source: CBS)

From there, we don’t know exactly how it will all go down, but the Survivor spoilers we have name the Blood vs Water winner as… Tyson Apostol. If that is indeed true, we can totally see it happening. He has played a strong game, running under the radar when necessary but not afraid to take risks and get in people’s faces either. We think he’s been a bit of a bully and a manipulator, but sometimes that’s what it takes to win the game.

Do you think Tyson will really be the one who won Survivor Blood vs Water? Do you think he deserves it if he does win?

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