On the CBS Big Brother 14 live eviction show Thursday night, there is a good possibility that one of the strongest players in the house will be making an exit. All the odds seem to be against Frank Eudy surviving the Big Brother 14 live eviction this week. If you want to read up on all the latest scheming, you can check out the most recent Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds.

Although Frank Eudy might seem to be almost guaranteed to be heading home this week, nothing is ever a given in the Big Brother house. If we’ve learned anything about Big Brother over the years, it’s to expect the unexpected… so you never know just what might happen at the last possible minute.

This week on the Big Brother 14 live eviction show, we’ll also likely find out whether America has voted to drop the veteran coaches into the regular game to compete with the newbies for $500.000.

Personally I’d rather see the newbies continue to battle it out without the vets getting yet another chance to play. I’m guessing my opinion doesn’t really matter though.

On the Big Brother 14 live eviction show Thursday night, we should also finally see our first Head of Household endurance competition. Endurance competitions in the Big Brother house are always a blast to watch. However, they usually get cut off way before they are finished on the CBS Big Brother 14 TV show.

So if you want to watch all the Big Brother 14 Head of Household competition action from start to finish, you’ll have to tune into the Big Brother 14 live feeds directly after the CBS Big Brother show ends. On the live feeds, you’ll be able to watch every minute of the epic struggle to endure to the end, including all the humiliation, whining, tears, grunts of pain and other fun stuff these endurance comps usually entail.

For those who don’t have the Big Brother live feeds, you’ll have to wait and read up on the outcome in our Big Brother 14 spoilers later. Or wait until the next CBS Big Brother 14 TV show on Sunday. Which, of course, we’ll be happily recapping for you right here live as it happens!

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