Who Won Big Brother 2015 Season 17? 9/23/2015

Who won Big Brother tonight and will bank a half million dollars for spending their summer inside the Big Brother 2015 house? Did Steve Moses win a load of cash to share with Mom? Or was it Vanessa Rousso who added a hefty load to her already millionaire status? Could it be possible that Liz Nolan might defy all the odds and emerged as the final Houseguest who won Big Brother 17?

Who won Big Brother 17? (CBS)

We picked out our own favorite to win Big Brother 17.  The majority of the volunteers who helped out here at the site and on our Twitter feed this summer cast our personal votes for Steve Moses to win — we admit it! But then again, we’ve always kind of favored the underdog here at BBA. However, you could make a strong argument for any of the three remaining Houseguests to deserve the win. It was nice to know that one of our favorite former Big Brother winners, Dr. Will Kirby, agreed with us that Steve should take home the win.

Vanessa Rousso was undoubtedly the mastermind of the season. She was involved in every single eviction of Big Brother 17. She led the other Houseguests around by the nose through most of the show, and manipulated them endlessly into doing exactly what she wanted. However, she did all this by crying, whining, freaking out, starting fights, and lying through her teeth (while taking vengeance on anyone who lied to her.) Instead of emerging as a possible ‘hero’ winner at the end, she became the ‘villain’ a vast majority of fans wanted to end up in third place.

Steve was a backseat player the whole game,  although he did win quite a few competitions. However, he didn’t use his Head of Household wins to the advantage he could have, and he let himself be dominated by Vanessa until he didn’t have any other possible allies left. On the other hand, he was on the block almost a half dozen times, and squeaked through every week all the way to the final three. If he won the final Head of Household Competition, and used his lone vote to evict Vanessa — after she ran the whole house all season — that might win the Jury over.

Big Brother 17 Finale

That’s certainly was what we hoped would happen. Steve might not be the best player of the season, but Vanessa is just a hard person to root for, no matter how well she played the game. Liz, with her whole Austin fetish and hanger-on game play is only a bit less nasty to cheer on. Besides, almost no one out there gave any predictions that Liz Nolan might walk away as the Big Brother winner, no matter who took her to the final two.

So who won Big Brother 2015 after the final HoH was over and the Jury votes were cast?

Big Brother 2015 Season 17 Winner

The official votes are in:

  • Vanessa votes for Liz.
  • John votes for Steve.
  • Austin votes for Liz.
  • Julia votes for Liz.
  • Meg votes for Steve.
  • Becky votes for Steve.
  • Jackie votes for Steve.
  • Shelli votes for Steve.

Steve has won Big Brother 17!

CBS Big Brother 17 3

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