The tension is rising in the Big Brother 14 house as almost the entire house has aligned to evict one of the players on the block, while the person in danger still remains almost entirely clueless they are about to go home. Will the votes stay solid in the midst of constantly shifting alliances, an ocean of lies, and backstabbing betrayals at every turn? Read on in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds and place your bets!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Tuesday, August 7. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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8:20 AM BBT

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin opens the day in the Big Brother 14 hamster house as usual with his backyard soliloquy. Boogie shouts out to Janelle Pierzina’s husband and mother, saying she’s a nasty liar and she’ll be getting evicted this week.

Britney Haynes comes out and they chit-chat and talk about pretty much everyone in the house. Boogie mentions how everyone thought he and Janelle would end up as allies, but here he is taking her down. He makes a snarky comment about how Janelle wouldn’t marry a guy unless he was loaded and she doesn’t need the Big Brother money anyway.

Britney says Janelle hired an 18-year-old full-time nanny while she was gone and she lives at Janelle’s house… but she “trusts her husband” so that’s okay! They talk about how all Janelle’s ‘team’ hates her.

9:30 AM BBT

Britney and Boogie continue to chat about various people in the house. Britney mentions Matt Hoffman from her Big Brother season and gives a shout out to his Twitter handle @HeadOfHOFFhold.

Poor Frank Eudy is still wearing the hideous Spirit-ard.

10:00 AM BBT

Danielle comes out to the backyard where Britney, Frank and Boogie are talking. Ashley is now in the hot tub. Lots of random chit-chat. Boogie says they were woken up so early and forced to get up because the Big Brother live feeds people complained. Frank says yeah, that’s what “they” said. Boogie thinks it is unreal the fans get to have a say about when they get up.

10:20 AM BBT

The houseguests are planning a dinner mutiny. They are going to stage a sit in and take back the kitchen from Chef Joe Arvin. (They have all been complaining about how Joe is filthy and wastes all their food.) Britney was hurt that Joe used the avocados in a cheesecake. Frank says, well, yeah, but it was only a couple and it WAS delicious…

10:50 AM BBT

Britney and Boogie bond some more over the ‘conversation topic’ cards Big Brother has given them. Not much of interest regarding game play, but fun to listen in on.

11:10 AM BBT

Britney, Wil Heuser, and Ashley Iocco discuss when or if they are going to tell Janelle they are going to vote against her at the eviction. Ashley wants to tell Janelle on Wednesday so she isn’t totally blindsided. Ashley is uncomfortable a bit about voting Janelle out, but she’s still on board the plan. She also wants Frank out though.

11:30 AM BBT

Back to the ‘topic’ cards and Britney, Boogie, and Frank answer questions about life, the universe and everything.

11:40 AM BBT

Janelle and Ashley are out by the pool, where it is apparently very hot. Janelle asks Ashley if she thinks people are lying to her and telling her she has their vote when she doesn’t. Ashley asks Janelle why would they do that? Janelle still doesn’t get why Danielle doesn’t like her (hmmm, she thinks you like Shane and you don’t tell her she’s pretty enough). Janelle says she knows Ashley would not vote her out. Janelle says Britney thinks she will stay because everyone wants Frank out. Janelle asks Ashley if Wil is going to vote for her to stay and Ashley is affirmative mmmhmmmm. Janelle asks if she thinks Wil is lying and Ashley says she doesn’t think so.

12:00 PM BBT

Janelle leaves, Britney joins Ashley. Ashley tells Britney Janelle thinks she would never vote her out and she feels bad for lying to her. Then again, she says Janelle is a terrible person. Ashley says Janelle never said bad things about Britney though. They talk about how Frank is  actually scary and a bit threat. (Don’t waffle now ladies!)

In the Head of Household room, Chef Joe is trying to work a deal with Danielle. He wants to know who is the target and promises he will vote however she wants. He bashes Wil and says Wil told him they needed to get out Dan and Danielle on nomination day because they are too close.

12:05 PM BBT

Okay, this is convoluted, but follow along… Janelle is talking to Britney. She tells Britney that Joe told her Wil said it was Britney who  got Danielle to put her up on the eviction block. Britney is like WTF? No. Janelle says Joe is a basket case. He wants to call Wil out. Britney says Wil told her he would be voting to keep Janelle and that ‘he and his whole team’ are supporting Janelle. She tells Janelle she doesn’t know why Wil would say that Britney got Danielle to put Janelle up. Janelle says she is not going to call out Wil because she needs his vote.

Meanwhile, Joe is up with Danielle throwing Wil under the bus and promising Danielle the moon.

12:25 PM BBT

Britney is pissed, pissed at Wil for throwing her under the bus with Janelle. Her and Danielle bash Wil and Joe for being shady liars. Danielle says Joe was just up there selling out Wil.

12:50 PM BBT

Janelle confronts Shane Meaney in the Arcade Room about his vote. Janelle says she wants to work with him because he is honest and not a manipulator like Mike Boogie. (Really?) Shane says he doesn’t know how he is voting yet, he wants to vote with the house, but obviously he wants Frank out. Janelle talks again about how she thinks Wil is lying to her. Shane says he will vote how Britney votes, and Janelle says Britney will be voting for her to stay. She says someone is manipulating Danielle. Shane says he will tell Janelle for sure which way he will vote when he decides. They are super pissed at Wil, but they need him and they think he needs to know Joe was telling on him.

1:00PM BBT

Danielle gets out the Head of Household camera to take pictures. Frank and Boogie avoid being in the pics.

1:40 PM BBT

Janelle is talking to Dan Gheesling. She thinks she has four votes (when actually right now she just has Joe). Dan says if she really 100% has four votes, they should be good. She tells Dan she thinks Wil threw her under the bus.  Janelle says if she has Dan and Danielle, that’s six votes and only Jenn and Boogie will vote to keep Frank. Janelle is pushing Dan hard for those votes, saying it is logical for them to keep her over Frank, she’s on his side, she wants the coaches to work together, etc. etc. Dan again blames the whole nomination of Janelle on Danielle being fickle and moody.

2:00 PM BBT

Danielle sits in Shane’s lap. He tries to ignore being totally uncomfortable. (Yes Shane, hide your face you man whore.) Shane says he will vote with the majority. He tells Danielle that Janelle doesn’t want to be blindsided and end up crying and having her makeup running on live television. Shane tells Danielle that Janelle believes she has Wil, Ashley, and Joe.

2:25 PM BBT

Britney and Danielle are laying by the pool talking in their bikinis…

Wil comes over and gives the code phrase to Danielle for a ‘private talk’ to get her to go up to the Head of Household room and talk to him. Upstairs, Danielle confronts Wil and asks if he told people after nominations that her and Dan needed to go. Wil says Janelle and Joe are a bunch of liars. Wil says he wants Janelle out and she is a two-faced liar. Wil says if he wins HoH he is going to get Joe evicted. Danielle tells Wil he needs to keep his mouth shut about their discussion. Britney comes up and says Janelle is pushing her to hang out with her and work out with her. She says Janelle is telling lies all around about her and Wil. Wil says he is going to tell Janelle he can’t vote for her because of all the lies. He tells Britney that Janelle has called her two-faced and that she is hiding behind a man like she did in her season. (Ouch!)

3:25 PM BBT

Wil, Danielle, and Ashley are in the HoH room. Wil tells Ashley that Joe has been telling people he is going after the coaches and he is targeting Danielle and Dan. Ashley says Janelle is pissed off because Britney and Danielle haven’t worked out with her. Britney comes slamming in and grabs Danielle to go and do just that because she’s not going to endure it by herself. Then they go and do some sort of butt wiggling exercise that would be kind of hot to watch (especially with the Britney/Danielle grinding moment)… if not for Chef Joe joining in.

4:00 PM BBT

Ashley and Wil talk around the idea of the ‘secret alliance’ going on in the house that is in on the backdooring of Janelle. Wil says Danielle totally planned to get Janelle out and that Dan, Shane, and Britney know what is going on. Wil says nobody knows about Team Tits (Wil, Ashley and Jenn Arroyo).

4:25 PM BBT

Danielle and Boogie talk about next week’s target and it seems like Chef Joe is the likely loser. Boogie doesn’t think Joe will make it past next week.

5:05 PM BBT

Janelle is finally really working the votes and actually (gasp!) talks to Jenn to try to get her support.

5:20 pm BBT

Janelle now seems to firmly believe it was Wil Heuser who was behind Danielle nominating her for eviction.

5:50 PM BBT

Danielle cuddles Shane for all it is worth. Enjoy it now honey… because that boy won’t even blink when you’re gone…

6:10 PM BBT

Wil tells Jenn that Joe has been going around spreading lies about him. Jenn talks about Janelle soliciting her for her vote, trying to play the ‘girl power’ thing. Wil thinks Britney, Shane, Dan, and Danielle are all working together. He thinks they need to get Frank, Boogie, Ian, and Joe against them. Jenn says if she’s a floater, she’s the coolest floater in the house.

Upstairs, Dan tells Shane and Danielle that Janelle said she had Shane’s vote. Shane says she’s a liar and that she told him she had Dan’s vote. Dan says Ashley is going to tell Janelle she is voting against her. She thinks they should also tell her, but not until as late as possible on Wednesday or Thursday morning. Danielle is a bit worried because Britney told her she feels evicting Janelle is not good for her game.

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