Last night on CBS Big Brother 14, veteran houseguest Britney Haynes was evicted after being betrayed once again by a secret alliance. After the CBS Big Brother 14 show ended, fans turned to the Big Brother live feeds to find out who would be the new Head of Household after a long endurance competition. Now there is a new power on the HoH room and the game play has turned to who they will be nominating for eviction today.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Yesterday morning, before the Big Brother 14 live eviction last night, Britney Haynes was already prepared to leave. Ian Terry had told her Shane Meaney and Chef Joe Arvin would be voting against her and she saw no point in trying to change their minds. With only Ian on her side, Britney was resigned to her eviction. Although she rallied a bit later and tried a bit of persuasion, she didn’t work very hard at it. Too bad, it would have been nice to see Britney really fight for it like Dan did when it seemed guaranteed he would be leaving and try for some crazy game move.

In the very early morning around 12:20 AM BBT, before the houseguests have gone to bed, Britney says it all went wrong when they got Janelle Pierzina out and did not get Frank Eudy out when they had the chance. Ian says Britney should watch out for his crush Ashley Iocco in the Jury House. Britney says she can’t stop Ashley from having sex with Frank if he goes to Jury. Britney tells Ian more about Ashley seriously making out with Frank and Ian is glad now they got her out. They joke about Ashley being clueless, Joe being stupid, and Shane being brainless, but they like him anyway.

Around 1:30 AM BBT, Shane and Danielle Murphree agree that if the Head of Household Competition is an endurance challenge and one of them has to throw it, they should do like former BB stars Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd and ask for both of them to be safe in any deal. They agree that Jenn or Joe cannot be allowed to win and Dan Gheesling can’t be trusted, but Shane says he would be willing to throw the competition to Ian or Danielle.

When Dan joins them, they talk about the Quack Pack getting back together, which is just rich considering how badly Dan betrayed the whole alliance to Frank.

Meanwhile, Frank, Jenn and Joe discuss how they need to get Ian out next. Frank and Joe think they can get Danielle on board with this idea if she wins the Head of Household competition, which she could because she’s already proven tough at endurance comps.

Around 2:30 AM BBT, Shane and Danielle bring up throwing the endurance comp to Ian again so they can possibly get out Frank without any blood on their hands.

Later in the morning after the houseguests wake up, Britney tries a little light campaigning with Joe and Dan, but they aren’t going to be changing their minds. Joe tells Britney he would vote for her if she gets enough votes to make it count, but he is lying. Around 12:30 PM BBT, Chef Joe tells Frank bluntly he is his man, he has his undying loyalty, blah blah blah. Frank gives him smily faces and says right back at ya and such, but underneath he doesn’t care a tiny little bit about you, floater Joe.

Britney works some more on Dan later in the afternoon around 1:30 PM BBT playing on the whole ‘scene’ where Dan told Danielle she was “dead to him” and made her weep and wail. Britney is not aware that the whole thing was utter bullshit and Dan and Danielle are as tight as ever. Britney tells Dan that Danielle will never pick him over Shane. (Which may or may not be the case.) Dan tries to make Britney feel loved, but he’s not about to work to keep her either. He keeps lying about him and Danielle being on the outs.

A few minutes later, Britney tells Danielle she hasn’t campaigned against her and won’t. Yeah, right Britney. She tells Danielle if she leaves, Danielle has to really play it smart.

Britney tries her skills on Shane as well, but her desperation shines through and you can just see her heart isn’t in it because she feels there is no use. Shane lies and says he hasn’t for sure decided on his vote. Ian continues to try to campaign for Britney too, but neither of them are floating any really good reasons why the houseguests should keep her over Danielle.

Meanwhile, Dan is spilling the beans to Danielle that Britney has been campaigning against her.

The Big Brother live feeds go to Trivia and the CBS Big Brother live eviction show plays out. As expected, it is veteran houseguest Britney Haynes who is evicted by a vote of 4 to 1. Only Ian votes to keep her.

After the live show, the Head of Household Competition plays out on the Big Brother live feeds. You can check out a full rundown of that here. In the end, it is Frank’s worst nightmare as little Ian Terry holds out and manages to pull the win in the endurance competition. Shane Meaney threw the challenge to him in the end after getting Ian to agree to safety for him and Danielle from eviction this week.

After the competition, everyone compares war wounds. Shane is a mess and his hands are scraped raw. Ian was scared crapless because he nearly fell off. Jenn was pissed because she got knocked off her perch before she was even tired. Danielle makes sure everyone remembers she threw up by repeating it several times and asking everyone if they heard her throw up. Or if they heard her throw up the second time. She really wants to make sure everyone knew she got sick.

Chef Joe was the first eliminated. He didn’t even last five minutes. As a consequence, he ended up with a punishment of having to hula hoop every hour for 24 hours, which is no fun for sleep deprivation. Dan is sad because he didn’t win and didn’t get to see photos of his family and get a letter from his wife.

Now that Britney is gone, Danielle feels free to talk smack about her and cozy up to Jenn as the only girl left in the house. She says Jenn is much nicer than Britney. Jenn floats the idea of making a final 2 girls alliance.

Around 10:55 PM BBT, Dan tells Danielle they need to reunite the Quack Pack and they need to get Frank out. Danielle is sad she has to act like she’s all pissed at Dan because she doesn’t get to talk to him very much. Dan is probably very relieved about that.

Later, Shane tells Dan that Ian promised him that he, Danielle and Dan would be safe this week before he threw him the HoH competition. (I only remember Ian promising Shane and Danielle would be safe… but maybe I missed something.) Dan is surprised. Shane says it will be either Frank and Joe or Frank and Jenn going up.

We discover around 11:20 PM BBT that Shane is actually decently good at Hula-hooping. And Chef Joe is really, really bad.

Around 11:50 PM BBT, Ian Terry finally gets his own Head of Household room. He did win once before, but since it was a Fast Forward, he didn’t get a HoH room. He gets a letter from his mom telling him not to be afraid to make hard decisions that will benefit him.

Danielle reminds Frank again about throwing up during the Head of Household Competition. The ugly rash on her neck also continues to grow and seriously, they should have the doctor look at her again, that’s ugly.

In an interesting turn, around 12:30 AM BBT, Ian tells Chef Joe that he will be safe from nomination this week and Big Brother yells at Ian that it is against the rules to discuss his nominations. When the hell did that happen? Of course, everyone now knows Joe and Ian were talking about the nominations up in the HoH room after the announcement.

Just before 1 AM BBT, Ian tells Frank that it might actually be good to keep him for a week since he can’t play in the next Head of Household. (Don’t do it Ian!) Ian tells Frank only Danielle and Shane are safe from nominations (I knew Dan wasn’t in that deal!)

Not long after around 2:30 AM BBT, Ian tells Dan the deal for safety was for Shane and Danielle. However, he would be up for a Quack Pack reunion because his targets are Frank and Jenn this week. Ian says he is going to nominate Frank and Jenn. (Why will he not realize he needs to BACKDOOR Frank, not nominate him right from the start and give him definite Power of Veto playing rights?)

Ian says if he gets back with the Quack Pack, Dan has to cut the shit, be nice to Danielle, etc. He promises not to nominate any Quack Pack members. Danielle and Shane join them and Ian says Joe will be the replacement nominee if Frank or Jenn get off the block.

The Quack Pack (Dan, Danielle, Shane and Ian minus Britney) are now back together and Frank and Jenn are their primary targets.

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