Our first official Big Brother Power Rankings of the season are here! Granted, we did do a preseason preliminary rankings guessing how far the houseguests might go based on first impressions. But as you know, the players usually end up very different inside the house than they appear in their pre-show interviews!

Big Brother 18 Cast Eliminations

Now it’s time to dig in and really take a look at the Big Brother 18 cast and how they stack up to the other houseguests after being in the house for two weeks at this point. (Although sadly we’ve only gotten to see a week of that game time on the Big Brother Live Feeds.)

15. Jozea Flores – Jozea is the worst player of the season! He told Da’vonne his pecking order and that has landed him on the block. But he, somehow, believes that he has the votes to stay this week? Where in God’s world, did they find this guy? You never tell anyone your pecking order in week 1 and never assume you have the votes. He has done no campaigning because he assumes he has Da’vonne and Zakiyah’s votes. It’s odd that someone can think they have the votes to stay when their team hardly interacts with him.

14. Victor Arroyo – Victor must have played really poorly socially the first week because the eight pack alliance wants him gone. It could be that he is a vocal leader of the opposition alliance and won the first competition of the summer. I can’t see him lasting long at all and I think it’s very obvious he’s going to leave pre-jury.

13. Bronte D’Acquisto – Bronte is also in the minority alliance and she has moved up on Nicole’s hit list. The eight pack alliance keeps repeating that their nominees will be Bronte and Victor. If Victor somehow wins POV, she is going out that door this week. She is viewed as a threat because they suspect the Spy girls alliance and she’s least sociable with the other side of the house. Hello, even if you don’t like them: FAKE IT!

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-24-2016 1

12. Corey Brooks – Corey started off really strong in the game, but the other side of the house wants to put up Corey and Nicole if they win HOH. They may not be a showmance, but people are already threatened by them. Corey is also a physical threat in competitions due to his size and he plays sports. i do not think he would survive on the block versus Nicole because the vets would likely push to keep Nicole.

11. Tiffany Rousso – Tiffany is in the majority alliance, but she is a very high target for The Revolution alliance. They do not believe they can trust her and I feel if the other side comes into power that some of the eight pack members will expose her secret. That’s the other reason Tiffany is low because when Paulie exposed his secret, why didn’t she? It’s going to look really sketchy if someone else reveals it and we all know it’s coming out eventually.

10. Michelle Meyer – She’s at the bottom of her alliance of the eight and that’s not a good thing. Michelle is so blunt that I could see people putting her up because she does not hide it well at all that she does not like The Revoluton alliance. She has jumped ship from the newbies to vets, but I still think there’s other bigger fish to fry than Michelle for players in the game. She’s doing a great job of hiding the fact she is a superfan.

9. Paul Abrahamian – Paul’s situation is a tricky one and I have a hard time ranking him. He’s lost his closes ally, two allies on his team are not loyal to him, but once Jozea leaves it could benefit his game. The entire house is targeting Victor over him, but I worry if he blows up will it land him on the block. His blowup could throw away potential allies who want to either work with him or not take him out right away.


8. Da’Vonne Rogers – I think her game is semi improved, but the problem is she is too paranoid. Da’vonne goes around and throws her alliance under the bus to each other. She is also a blowup waiting to happen! I love Da’vonne, but she also needs to improve in competitions because she doesn’t win any and I don’t know if she can. Not to mention she has a kid and that will make the other houseguest wary of wanting to take her to the endgame with her.

7. Nicole Franzel – Nicole played this week pretty risky, but it’s going to work out for her because Jozea is leaving. Her HOH was successful because she is getting out a player who is actively targeting her. However, her name has come up quite a lot as a potential nominee for next week. I think Nicole has a social problem as well because she spends a lot of time only talking to her allies and not making any type of bond with the other players. Nicole needs her alliance to win HOH this week and pass that blood on her hands to a new eight pack member.

6. James Huling – I would be shocked if James did not make it to the jury. Yes, he’s double dealing, but he is in a good position because his team is not in the eight pack alliance. I think James could play both sides and cruise into jury without any problems. How he reacts to Jozea’s blindside could hurt his game because the other side believes he is a vote against Paulie. James plans to throw HOH so his allies can nominate Victor, but he better not make it obvious that he is throwing the HOH.

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5. Paulie Calafiore – It’s very odd to see a nominee ranked in the top five, but once he survives this week, his game should benefit. They will be looking for the votes who flipped to save Paulie and it will take some of the heat off Paulie. The only problem with Paulie is his flirtmance with Zakiyah will worry players like Da’vonne(Who wants to keep Zakiyah with her) and Frank(Who wants to keep Paulie with him) so he should try to avoid flirting.

4. Bridgette Dunning – The new Meg! Who is going to send her home? No one, she has a chance to go very far as a potential goat in this game. She might end up on the block week after week, but never go home. She’s a really nice person, but she’s not made out for this game. I’d be shocked if she left pre-jury because she’s not an immediate threat to any current player in the game.

3. Natalie Negrotti – I don’t think she will win, but I have noticed the dominant alliance claiming that she is the last to go after. One thing she does well is that she interacts with the dominant alliance even if she does not like them. Her social skills are going to get her far in this game and it’s a good thing she is not in a showmance.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

2. Zakiyah Everette – This might surprise a lot of people, but who is actively targeting her next week? I think Zakiyah could make it very far into the game because no one views her as an immediate threat. The only flaw in her game is that she is flipping on Jozea, but she needs to keep Paulie for her game. I think she can get away with lying because her whatever it is with Paulie is pretty blatantly obvious to the house. The good news is that Paul will be the most mad at her, but he’s on her team and can’t nominate her.

1. Frank Eudy – Frank had no social game in Big Brother 14, but that’s where he improved on mostly. I have heard his name the least mentioned out of any vets and considering he is the most threatening that’s really good. I think Frank benefits the most from the Roadkill competition because we all know he was dominant in competitions. Nnominate Victor, but he better not make it obvious that he is throwing the HOH.

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