Matthew Clines

Big Brother 19: Matthew Clines

Matthew didn’t make much of an impression with his initial bio. However, during his interview with Jeff, the boy was charming with a capital C. We expect him to use this natural charm to go far in the Big Brother 19 house.

Strengths: Obviously, his charm, but also seems like he will be fairly decent at competitions. His social game should make it easy for him to fit in with the women and men.

Weaknesses: CBS and Matthew want him in a showmance. With another incredible single batch of house guests, we expect him to end up in one. This showmance will make his likely small target eventually grow too big.

Winning Odds: High above average. Despite his showmance, we expect him to go pretty far. He will be likable enough that houseguests will want to keep him around. Matthew should also be able to win a few competitions to keep him safe.

Ramses Soto

Big Brother 19: Ramses Soto

Ramses is a superfan, so automatically that makes him more likable than 70 percent of the other houseguests. He also has a nice ray of positivity around him.

Strengths: He should be able to blend in really well. Ramses also seems like an innocent kid, so we expect other houseguests to be more protective over him. We also expect them to underestimate him, which should make it easier for him to lie and manipulate.

Weaknesses: Sometimes being a superfan doesn’t necessarily translate to being a good player. He also might be very young and naive, so he gets taken advantage more than he actual manipulates.

Winning Odds: Very high. We expect Cameron and Dominique to become bigger targets than him. Ramses should have a lot of meat shield possibilities. He can remain in the background until near the end and start making his mark.

Christmas Abbott

Big Brother 19-Christmas Abbott

Christmas comes off not only as a physical threat but a social one as well. She clearly has a level head, and seems street and book smart. Christmas almost seems like the ultimate alpha female of Big Brother fans’ dreams.

Strengths: Christmas seems very aware of herself and able to adjust and adapt to any situation.

Weaknesses: Aplha females don’t have the best track record on Big Brother. They make it far, but become too much a threat and get cut towards the end. We’re worried Christmas may suffer a similar fate.

Winning Odds: Extremely high. If Christmas manages to stay under the radar, and get a good alliance member or two, she may just become the Big Brother 19 champion.

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