With only three players left, we knew it would be a slow march to the Big Brother 19 finale. Houseguests really enjoyed some more rest and relaxation as they spent the day eating and lounging around. Big Brother decided not to let them become too bored by providing them with a few fidget spinners. CBS kept things cheap by giving them two instead of being practical by providing three. These toys kept the Big Brother 19 houseguests entertained for about five minutes.

Big Brother 19 final 3: Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian

Jessica Graf‘s Halting Hex wasn’t the only thing to stop the game, because the houseguests seem to be doing that on their own. There is not much game left, but they could be working a bit harder to ensure they make it to the final two. However, can you really expect much this late in the game and from the Big Brother 19 cast?  Only two more days to go until the Big Brother 19 finale.

There was a lot of camera talks, even Christmas Abbott, who usually uses the camera least of the final three, got involved towards the end of the night. Paul Abrahamian and her spent some time teasing Josh Martinez about personal and game related things. While not around, Paull spent time insinuating that Christmas was the aggressor in their cuddle-mance. Seems like he’s doing a lot of throwing Christmas under the bus recently about their cuddle-mance. We know Paul is doing this because of his girlfriend back home, but the cameras don’t lie.

Big Brother 19: Christmas Abbott, Paul Abrahamian, Josh Martinez

The most interesting event of the night was that Big Brother After Dark viewers were allowed to send in questions to the final three houseguests. It was mainly fluff questions like about life after the show. Poptv and Orwell made sure not to let any questions go through that could alter the course of the game.

In Christmas’s camera talk, she revealed that she wants to tell Paul and Josh to take each other to the finals over her. This is perfect for Paul because this is what he wanted all along.

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