Big Brother alumna and winner Rachel Reilly entered the Big Brother 16 house for media day as a self-proclaimed “legit journalist” from BiteSizeTV. She joined seven other journalists for a full day in the house as contestants playing for Head of Household and the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 12 and 13 HouseGuest Rachel Reilly (CBS)

Big Brother 12 and 13 HouseGuest Rachel Reilly on Media Day (CBS)

CBS treated these temporary HouseGuests to an authentic Big Brother experience complete with guest appearances from former winner Mike “Boogie” Malin and the “sPECtacular” Jessie Godderz of BB10 and BB11 and plenty of quality time in the Diary Room.

The participants in Big Brother 16 media day this year were:

Kerry Maller, Entertainment Producer at KCBS/K-CAL TV
Roz Weston, Entertainment Tonight Canada Host
Patrick Gomez, People Magazine
Nina Parker, The Insider
Brian Gianelli, Senior Editor Xfinity TV
Kelli Green, The Frogmen in the Morning
Rachel Reilly, Big Brother 13 Winner and Bite Size TV’s Reality Relapse
Brian Haug, WIBW-TV in Topeka, KS

After touring the house, claiming beds, and forming alliances, the HouseGuests competed for Head of Household in a “majority rules” competition hosted by Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin. After calling the Big Brother house her “summer home,” Rachel lost the first competition to fellow journalist Brian Haug but managed to escape the block.

As consequences for their answers in the HOH competition, three HouseGuests were forced on the infamous slop, all silverware vanished, and the newly-crowned HOH donned a banana suit. New HoH Brian nominated Patrick and Kerry because they had played the game before for press day and they are the bigger threats.

A shirtless Jessie rang the doorbell and entered the house to pick players for the POV competition. After he chose Rachel to play, she graciously gave up her spot so that a new player would have a chance to compete. Brian H., the reigning HOH, completed the puzzle first to claim the golden Power of Veto.

The HouseGuests then marched into the Diary Room to cast their votes to evict. By a vote of 5-0, they sent Roz, the lone Canadian, out the front door.

While the journalists fawned over Rachel like pre-teens at a One Direction concert, we know not everyone is a fan of this reality star. Watching the clip below may give you anxiety about Rachel being back in the house, but the knowledge that it was only for a day should get you through it.

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