The Jury comes out, except for Vanessa, and Julie Chen asks Julia if she has any guesses on who the next member of the Jury will be. She doesn’t want to answer. When Vanessa strolls out, Vanessa cheers and everyone smiles. Austin says he is happy to see that Steve made the right decision and the boy has become a man. Johnny Mac says he is really happy right now.

CBS Big Brother 17 3

The Jury starts their questions for Steve and Liz. Johnny Mac is the first and he says from his perspective, it seemed like Steve was always relying on him or Vanessa in the game. Tell him why that is wrong? Steve starts twice but there are audio problems. Then he finally gets to talk and talks about all the decisions and social moves he made to make sure he stayed in the game. He actually is quite eloquent about talking about his decisions and how he influenced what happened in the house.

CBS Big Brother 17 2

Becky says for some people it looks like Liz’s strategy was basically whatever Austin got her to do. Liz says she did align with Austin and Vanessa. She says she had a huge target on her back and she made the choices that would keep her in the game. Basically she says making the decisions about who to ally with made her a strong player, as well as the competitions she won.

Jackie asks why Steve’s strategic game wasn’t weak. Steve says the relationship with Austin kept the scamper squad alive and talks about how he helped make sure they made it to the end. Liz gets asked by Austin why she should get to win. Liz rambles a bit but doesn’t really say anything all that interesting. James asks Steve about being a floater through the season. Steve argues that he wasn’t at all, he was building layers in his game.

Steve definitely wins in answering the Jury questions as he has solid examples of how he made it to the end, while Liz just talks about how she was a good player by attaching herself to strong players.

Time for the final speeches from Steve and Liz. Liz goes first. She says she was not a superfan or a gamer, but she came in with a twin and it’s a miracle they survived for 85 days in the game together. She says it is a miracle that she made it to the end and rattles off the competitions she has won.

Steve, very excited, gives a speech about the moves he’s made to get to the end. He also argues that Liz spend a lot of time out of the game while Julia was in, when he had to fight for himself the whole time. He also says Liz had a strong person to rely on the whole time when he didn’t. He says his Head of Household wins meant something in the game, while Liz’s didn’t. He is very strong in his speech about why he was a better player than Liz.

Now it’s time to cast votes!

CBS Big Brother 17 3

Jury Vote:

  • Shelli says she is voting with her heart.
  • Jackie says she is so proud of both of them. She says her vote goes to the person who dreamed of this their entire life.
  • Becky says congrats to both of them. She will be very glad to cast her vote for…
  • James says he is going to “let Jesus take the wheel on this one”. Did he just choose at random?
  • Julia votes Liz, of course.
  • Austin says “the heart wants what it wants” and we think that means he voted for Liz.
  • Johnny Mac says he has to choose between the worse alliance member either or the twin, he couldn’t think of an insult.
  • Vanessa says congrats to both of them and no hard feelings to Steve. Vanessa says she has to vote for the person who best represents what this season stands for. That’s interesting. Could mean she voted for Liz because she wants a woman to ‘represent’ by winning this season. Or could mean Steve because he beat her with his final eviction move. We’ll have to wait and see.

So we definitely have one vote for Steve (Jackie) and one vote for Liz (Julia). We think Austin voted for Liz. The rest we will have to wait and see.

CBS Big Brother 17 3

Now we have the Houseguests who were evicted before Jury back to talk about the show. Da’Vonne asks Austin what happened to Judas? Austin says Judas was supposed to be his cool thing, but he started liking people in the house and he didn’t want to be Judas to them.

Vanessa says she has a surprise to reveal and says that she left out four and a half million dollars of her life. She says she’s also a DJ, but she’s also a multi-millionaire poker player and one of the top ranked women in the world. No one seems that shocked.

Jason Roy says Vanessa played like some of the best players out there but she never really “owned” the game. She just cried and said all the time that she didn’t know why she did things. He wanted Vanessa to just say she wanted to ‘bathe in the blood’.

Audrey says after going back home she’s been having the time of her life. She gets choked up and says that the whole country has responded so awesomely to her. She says she feels like a winner because she’s changed lives.

Up next, it’s the moment of truth. Who will be crowned as the winner?

Big Brother 2015 Season 17 Winner

The official votes are in:

  • Vanessa votes for Liz.
  • John votes for Steve.
  • Austin votes for Liz.
  • Julia votes for Liz.
  • Meg votes for Steve.
  • Becky votes for Steve.
  • Jackie votes for Steve.
  • Shelli votes for Steve.

Steve has won Big Brother 17!

America’s Favorite Player:

The top three vote getters were Johnny Mac, James, and Jason. The winner is… James!

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