For three weeks, we have waited to see which out of the first four evicted players would return to the Big Brother 21 game. David Alexander became the first member of Camp Comeback after only four hours in the house. He left as part of the night one banishment twist. The houseguests thought they had got rid of him, but they were wrong. Later, the Big Brother house collectively decided to evict Ovi Kabir. Mainly because they didn’t see his game value. Gr8ful also thought it was best to get rid of him and his Whacktivity power. After Ovi’s eviction, host Julie Chen announced the latest Big Brother 21 twist: for the next three evictions, houseguests wouldn’t be leaving the house, but they would be out the game. They then would get a chance to win their way back into the Big Brother game.

There was speculation on what exactly the Camp Comeback members would have to do to return to the game. Julie mentioned that they needed to continue to work their social game, even if they couldn’t compete in competitions. This made some speculate that this could mean the current houseguests got to vote on who they wanted to stay in the house and return to the game. Others were sure it would be a battle back competition.

Last week, Kemi Fakunle became the newest member of Camp Comeback, and tonight Cliff Hogg III became the last member of it. The Camp Comeback members haven’t been treated fairly by some of the current houseguests, so whoever returns tonight, we’re sure they’ll be out for blood.


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It was called “Path to Redemption.” They each had to take time to sink balls. The player to sink the fastest or six balls before six minutes won it.

Cliff gets one. Cliff gets another. Cliff gets a third. Cliff gets a fourth. Cliff gets ball five, just as Ovi gets one. Cliff gets the sixth before the minute runs out.

Cliff returns from Camp Comeback, just after being evicted.

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