The Big Brother Canada 2 Power of Veto Ceremony is over for week 3 and we have the spoilers on the results! We weren’t really surprised at what happened, but we were just a little disappointed. We’d like to see some of the Houseguests start making some bigger moves in the house on BBCAN!


For anyone who might be a bit behind on what’s been happening inside the Big Brother Canada 2014 house, you can catch up on the original nominations spoilers here, and the Power of Veto Competition results over here. Otherwise, let’s proceed right on to the Big Brother Canada spoilers for the week 3 PoV Ceremony!

When the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds came back on after the Power of Veto Ceremony blackout, we quickly learned that PoV winner Ika had decided not to change the nominations. As the winner of both Head of Household and Power of Veto, she had ultimate power this week, but we aren’t sure she used it all that wisely.

Ika leaving the nominations the same means it will still either be Paul or Heather who will get evicted on Thursday night. More than likely at this point, it looks like Heather will probably be the one to go. Paul has made himself so disliked in the house that no one really seems him as much of a threat at this point.

We think the ladies should have gotten their act together and worked to get out one of the strong male players this week. Alas, they’ve instead chosen to target one of the weaker girl members to get her out. Oh well, they may come to regret that decision later.

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