CBS has been slow as molasses in doling out the Big Brother 16 spoilers this year. We are only now getting our usual Big Brother spoilers photos of the backyard and pool area for 2014! Ever since they released the rest of the house photos, we’ve been waiting impatiently to see the outside where the Houseguests typically spend so much of their time.

Big Brother 2014 cast (CBS)

Big Brother 2014 cast (CBS)

When we finally did get our hands on the Big Brother 2014 house photos for the backyard and pool area, we have to say we were actually a little disappointed. The furniture kind of looks like leftovers from a garage sale or something pull out of a basement in the 70’s.

We don’t think the pool has actually gotten smaller, but something about the decorating of the backyard this year kind of makes it look like it shrank. To be honest, it just all feels a bit blah this year. Maybe it’s all the beige and washed out green, with the only real pop of color being that terrible bright orange.

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The good thing we can report, however, is that there are supposed to be a bunch more brand new HD cameras and audio mics in the backyard this summer. Which hopefully means we’ll actually be able to see and HEAR the Houseguests when they are plotting and scheming out there! And, of course, there’s also the added benefit of seeing all those shirtless hunks and bikini babes up close and in high definition…

Speaking of which, just in case you missed them, here are the first bikini and boy shorts photos of the year for you!

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