The Big Brother 16 spoilers for the week 3 Battle of the Block are in and it looks like the Heads of Household got exactly what they wanted out of it. Just like last week, there was a plan behind the scenes for someone to throw the competition and it appears they succeeded in doing just that.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned! Proceed are your own risk.

New Heads of Household Nicole and Derrick set in motion a carefully laid plan last night to backdoor and evict Devin this week. The idea was to hold back from putting Devin — now the most hated player in the house — on the block in the initial round of nominations. This way he would have the least chance possible of getting to play in the Power of Veto Competition.

Instead, Nicole nominated Donny and Amber, while Derrick put up Caleb and Jocasta. This laid the groundwork for the next part of the plan — to have Caleb throw the Battle of the Block Competition. This would ensure that he would definitely play in the Power of Veto Competition. Which would give the house a strong competitor against Devin just in case he was randomly chosen to play.

Apparently this plan worked out just as designed and Caleb and Jocasta lost the Battle of the Block on Friday. This left them as the two eviction nominees still on the block who will play in the Power of Veto Competition on Saturday. With any luck, Devin will not be chosen as a random player and he will be backdoored for eviction this week. But if he is chosen, Caleb will be there to hopefully steal the Power of Veto, take himself off the block, and make sure Devin goes up.

And if you are wondering why Nicole is wearing a weird costume above, it’s apparently a consequence of something that happened during the Battle of the Block Competition. She has to wear a frog suit all week. We’re sure that will be very comfortable.

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