Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (11)

Time for the live eviction!

Clay gives shoutouts to his friends and family. He says everyone will hold a special place in his heart, but Shelli holds it completely. He asks them to vote for Shelli to stay.

Shelli gives a shoutout to her family, then says Clay is her heart. She says she can’t wait to live in the real world with him. She says it has been a dream to be in the house. She says she prides herself in playing a loyal game and someone great to roll with, instead of rolling against. Notice that she never says they should vote for Clay instead of her. Mmmhmmm.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (1)

And here are the votes:

  • Vanessa votes to evict Clay
  • Meg votes to evict Clay
  • Austin (not Judas) votes to evict Clay
  • Jackie votes to evict Clay
  • Liz votes to evict Clay (he is out)
  • Julia votes to evict Clay
  • Steve votes to evict Clay
  • Becky votes to evict Clay
  • Johnny Mac votes to evict Clay

How did this go from a whole house being split and arguing over the vote for days to a unanimous vote? Crazy!

Clay and Shelli hug for a long moment and then share a quick kiss. Clay touches hands with a few folks and gives another embrace to Shelli before walking out to moderate cheers.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (3)

The Houseguests watch Clay’s picture fade to gray. Shelli immediately starts sobbing. The twins, Meg and Vanessa gather around to comfort her.

Julie says Clay must really love Shelli to give up a half million dollars. Clay says this has been her dream and he’s okay with giving this to her. Julie asks if this is the real deal between the two of them. Clay says yeah, he thinks so. Clay says Shelli has been there for him, and things between them have grown.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (8)

Julie wants to know if he loves her. He says that is a big word. More than a half million dollars though, Julie says. He says yea. Julie asks Clay if he has ever given up in a football game like this? Clay says he wouldn’t call it giving up. If you care about someone like he does for her, it feels like if she wins, he wins.

Clay says he fully takes responsibility for being there. He says it doesn’t matter if they came up with the plan to get Jason out or not. They decided to do it and save Austin.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (5)

Johnny Mac says Clay and Shelli were adorable as a couple, but that’s what sent him out. Austin says voting Clay out was the toughest thing he had to do and he hopes they can be ‘boys’ after this. Meg says she will miss his beautiful face and watching him do his hair five hours a day. Shelli says he has absolutely been her light inside the house and she doesn’t know how she is going to live in the house without him. She looks forward to a real date with him.

Before Julie lets Clay go, she asks him about the whole tipsy Meg moment when they were all handsy with “a lot of touching” in the bathroom. Clay says Meg has “had her fair share of showmances with pretty much everyone in the house.. not me!” Wow Clay.

Next up, the Head of Household Competition kicks off! From here on out, every evicted Houseguest will be going to the Jury House. HOWEVER, just because you make it to Jury, doesn’t mean you are out of the game. (Hint hint.)

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (2)

In the competition tonight, called Midway Mayhem, they have to fill a funnel with fake gas and transport it to their gas tank across a slipper lane. Once they reach a certain point, they can either chose to be Head of Household and end the game, or they can chose to be a ‘Never-Have-Not,’ or win $5,000, and keep playing. It is possible for one Houseguest to win all three prizes. But as soon as someone claims HoH, the game ends.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (6)

The competition will continue on the Big Brother Live Feeds and we’ll be recapping it live over here. Before she signs off, Julie Chen says next week will be a double eviction!

That’s a wrap!

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