Big Brother spoilers for who will be nominated for eviction this week are coming in now from the Live Feeds. After the wild and crazy fun of Thursday night’s Double Eviction, we were really hoping to see some serious drama happening for the nominations. Thankfully, we have not been disappointed!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Live Feeds, possibly including competition information or results, game play moves, alliances, showmances, etc. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

When Victor Arroyo managed to snag the Head of Household win again, after only being deposed for less than an hour on Thursday night’s Double Eviction show, it was a tense time for viewers wondering which way he would swing for his eviction nominations. It didn’t help that he immediately shacked up with Paulie, Paul and Corey to start hashing out who should go up on the block.

At first Paulie wanted James and Natalie to go up on the block over the whole vote betrayal that ended up with Zakiyah getting the boot instead of Michelle. However, Victor stated that he actually wanted to nominate Natalie and Michelle.


While Paulie would rather go after James, Natalie and Michelle as targets wouldn’t be bad for his game either, so he could work with that. So another conversation a bit later between Paulie and Victor ended up with Natalie and Michelle as the proposed nominations, with Nicole as a possible renom. Because, guys stick together against all those nasty evil girls right?  But can Victor be trusted to actually stick with this alleged plan about who he was going to put up?

Would Victor end up being manipulated by Paulie to get the house back on the track he wanted? Or would Victor really get who was behind him getting the boot in the first place and go out for revenge? Well, if the conversation with the boys seemed to indicate everyone was going along with a Paulie safe plan again, that impression didn’t last very long once Victor and Paul got some alone time together.


Around 10:20 PM BBT last night, Paul went after Victor hardcore in the bathroom that now is the time to make a big move against Paulie and Corey. Paul told Victor they are only going to end up in third and fourth place if they go to the end with Corey and Paulie. No way, he said, would Corey and Paulie take either of them to the end when they could drag along a weak challenger like one of the girls.

Victor was worried that Paulie might win Power of Veto and come off the block. No problem according to Paul, who said they could just put up Nicole as the renom and vote out Corey instead. If Nicole won PoV and saved Corey, they could just put up Michelle and still vote out Corey. And if either Corey or Paulie won America’s Care Package and safety this week, then the other one could still be the target regardless. Win, win scenario any way you look at it.

Now Victor seems to really remember how Paulie totally had control over the house when he was backdoored and evicted. After being convinced by Paul’s actually quite solid arguments, Victor agreed that he would get on board the plan and put up Paulie and Corey as his eviction nominees. They go to talk to James to confirm he is with them and he is. Which means they will have Natalie as well. Naturally, Michelle will totally join in as well, since she knows Paulie has it out for her.


Victor said he would tell Paulie during his nomination speech that he would get the chance to play in the Power of Veto, which is a chance Victor didn’t get. Burn! While we love having the Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds to get all the scoop in advance, we just can’t wait until Wed night when we’ll get to see the look on the faces of Paul and Corey when this all goes down!

The Nominations Ceremony should happen sometime this morning, but we don’t expect there to be any last minute changes to who Victor plans to put up. Even so, we’ll be sure to post the ‘official’ results as soon as they come in from the Live Feeds.