On Big Brother 14 tonight, the current Head of Household will be choosing two new Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests to go up on the block for possible eviction. The veteran coaches, meanwhile, will be competing for a new power in the house that may keep one of their team players safe from eviction.

Who will end up having to fight for the rest of the week to stay in the house? Join us for our live Big Brother 14 recap of nomination night as we find out.


This is your last warning that this post contains Big Brother 2012 spoilers for this week’s nomination episode. Please stop reading here if you don’t want to know!

Following last week’s sudden eviction of new Big Brother 14 cast houseguest Jodi Rollins after only a few hours in the house, the team with the most to lose this week is Team Dan Gheesling, now consisting of only Kara Monaco and Danielle Murphree. If Dan were to loose another player to eviction this week, he would be in serious trouble.

The scheming, plotting, lying and manipulation is already in full swing this season on Big Brother 14 and it is only going to get way more drama-filled after Head of Household Willie Hantz announces his nominations for the eviction blog tonight!

Starting off our recap tonight, we have a moment of sadness from Danielle that her teammate Jodi Rollins was so rudely eliminated last week after only being in the house a few hours. Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin is not sad, however, because he didn’t know her and doesn’t care. Wil Heuser thinks Jodi’s eviction happening so fast really put the game into perspective and made it real.

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin is not sad, however, because he didn’t know her and just doesn’t care. Wil thinks Jodi’s eviction happening so fast really put the game into perspective and made it real.

Dan and Boogie talk some game play. Mike really wants to align with Boogie and have the two of them coast through to the finals. Janelle Pierzina, however, is not stupid and when she suspects the two veteran guys are bonding, she decides it is time to align herself and her team with Britney Haynes and her team.

Head of Household Willie Hantz shows off his new HoH room. It’s all very ‘wild’ themed and looks like something from a safari. Britney learns that she also gets a room of her own since her team member got HoH, but that it is right there practically with Willie and that is kind of weird.

Britney starts talking to Janelle’s team about how Dan is such a big threat and they need to get him out. Willie Hantz decides he should admit he is the brother of Survivor‘s Russell Hantz.

Janelle and Britney, and their respective team members, are all in on a tentative alliance. Janelle says Dan and Mike are a dangerous alliance and they have to be worked against hard.

Wille Hantz isn’t content to just maneuver within the Team Janelle/Team Britney alliance and he wants to make his own deals on the side. His first target to make an outside the teams alliance is Frank Eudy, son of wrestler Sid Viscious and potentially a very strong player. Willie thinks Dan and Mike will be coming after him.

Poor brainiac Ian Terry is coming across as kind of creepy to Janelle. Wil, Britney and Danielle also are not fond of him. Willie thinks maybe he should nominate Ian just because he is making everyone uncomfortable. Maybe that would put him on the good side with some people?

Mike Boogie and his team player Frank talk about game play strategy. Boogie likes that Frank has already been working a deal with Willie.

Big Brother host Julie Chen announces there will be a new player in the game given by a competition between the coaches. Whoever wins will get the power to keep one of their players off the block. The competition will also decide who will be the Haves and Have-Nots. Janelle thinks she’s got a strong chance of winning. Britney just hopes she doesn’t fail horribly.

For the competition, the coaches have to dress up like jockeys and have a race down a slippery track. Whoever can grab the tail off another coach wins a round. Whoever gets the most rounds wins. Mike wins the first round, followed by Janelle with a win. They have to face off and Mike wins the competition — and basically rubs it in everyone else’s face. Danielle (and other houseguests) just find his over-celebrating to be obnoxious.

All the coaches have to pick one person to be a Have Not and eat slop, sleep in the uncomfortable Have Not room, take cold showers, etc. Dan picks Danielle, Janelle chooses Ashley Iocco, Mike Boogie chooses Ian, Britney picks Shane Meaney. Ian actually wants to try slop, which is nasty. The Have Not room’s bed isn’t even what anyone would call a place to sleep. It is bad. (And if you watch the Big Brother live feeds, you know sleeping in that room has already caused injury to several players.)

Mike is given the power to prevent one of his players from being nominated for eviction by the Head of Household. Perhaps suspecting that Ian has a growing target on his back, he picks Ian to be safe.

Janelle talks with Willie about Mike Boogie not even talking to either of them. Britney and Janelle try to talk Willie into nominating Kara and Frank for elimination. Willie is not happy about the idea of nominating Frank when he has been working on an outside alliance with him.

Chef Joe Arvin is irritating some of the players by making food and then throwing out the leftovers instead of giving them to the other houseguests. Mike Boogie decides this is a good instigator to suggest Willie nominate Willie. Willie is really lapping up all the attention he is getting being Head of Household.

Finally it is time for the nominations and Willie will have to name two people to go up on the block to face eviction. Willie decides to side with the decision of the team alliance with Janelle and Britney. He nominates Frank and Kara for elimination. Kara is really not pleased and kind of freaked out about this. Frank is angry, even though he kind of betrayed Willie by telling his coach Mike Boogie about his deal with him.

Britney is all about thinking she is the mover and shaker behind the nominations. Mike is out for blood and says Willie is going to have to watch his back for nominating Frank.

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