The first half of this episode starts off in the morning before the Cult members re-entered the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.  It is the first morning that they are all waking up inside the Big Brother house, and in Bruce & Vicky’s case, outside of it in the yard.

cbb white suits

The episode opens with Bruce Jones serving Vicky Entwhistle tea in their outdoor bedroom.  Then the Cult of Celebrity members are shown in the Diary Room wearing white tailored suites.  Louie Spence loves the suits and tells Big Brother “Darling you have a model, a homosexual, and a transsexual, what couldn’t we work.”

The rest of the HouseGuests are in the bedroom waking up and starting their day.  Charlotte Crosby tells the group that she was such a lightweight the night before, and she has let everyone down.  Carol McGiffin teases her about being from the Geordie Shore and having a party girl reputation to uphold.

In the Diary Room, Louie tells Big Brother that he doesn’t have an issue making nominations, it’s the nature of the game, and he’s here to play, not take things personally.

Ron Atkinson and Charlotte are shown in the garden discussing Geordie Shore, she informs him that season 6 is currently airing, and season 7 has already been filmed. Charlotte also says that she is growing a little bored with filming the show. Ron reminds her that she was working in a barn before the show and should keep things in perspective.

Big Brother has given the Celebrity Cult members secret access to the courtyard to get some fresh air.  Lauren Harries reveals to her fellow cult members that she has been celibate for 6 years. Louie and Sophie Anderton marvel at this revelation.

Lauren went on to open up about her sexual reassignment surgery 15 years ago.   She explains that doing reality television is a way for her to support other transgendered people by letting them watch her and see that they are not alone.  Lauren lives in Cardiff Wales, which she feels has a small town mentality, and she faces discrimination there. Lauren wants transgenders to be seen as people, not labels or stereotypes.   Louie and Sophie both praise her for her bravery.

Charlotte is in the Diary Room talking about how much she likes several of her housemates. She confesses to Big Brother that Ron is her favorite because he reminds her of Santa, he is a jolly, lovely old man.  She feels a natural bond with him. Courtney reminds her of when she was young and used to draw stick people and put big boobs on the female ones to differentiate them from the males.  “She’s like a human stick woman.” She then lifts her leg, farts, and apologizes.  Big Brother very dryly replies to Charlotte “better out then in.”

In the temple, Lauren is discussing the recovery after her sex change operation, she couldn’t eat for 2 weeks and lost a lot of weight.  Sophie says Lauren has a designer vagina and Lauren quips “I have a vagazzle.” Lauren explains that she is okay with discussing her surgery even though it is personal because other people who are thinking about having it need to hear what it is like.

In the living room, Ron, Bruce, Vicky, and Dustin Diamond are discussing musicians they wished they had seen in the past. Ron says that he wishes he got to see Johnny Cash while he was still alive. Dustin reveals that he dated Johnny Cash’s granddaughter and spent time at his house.

In the temple, the Cult members are trying to figure out whom they should nominate for eviction.  They weigh pros and cons and decide that Courtney is much more tolerable sober and they would like to get to know her better.  They all conclude that Ron really doesn’t add much to the dynamic of the group.

Mario Falcone and Abz Love talk in the garden about Abz’s music career. Abz is happy to be performing again but gets sick of performing the same songs over and over for the older fans.

In the bedroom, Courtney is explaining the hardship of massive breast implants to Abz.  She says that they need to be maintained and replaced every 7-10 years.  Maybe sooner if she doesn’t wear a bra because they will sag.

In the Temple, Lauren is discussing the pitfalls of fame and money and how fleeting they can be. She also talks about how easy it is to take it all for granted until the luxuries start to disappear.  Sophie says that she is in a good place financially, but she will never have as much as she did at the peak of her career.  She also points at that she was miserable and abusing drugs when she was at her most wealthy.

Mario and Charlotte discuss various housemates. Mario thinks that Carol McGiffin can be feisty. Charlotte is scared of Vicky, Mario think’s Vicky is bubbly and cool.  They also discuss Abz and both agree that he is quiet. Mario thinks that everyone in the group is nice and then suggests it might be because they don’t have competing careers.  Charlotte would like to see more young people in the house, she doesn’t think of Courtney as being young, neither does Mario. Charlotte says that she is fascinated by Courtney and can’t stop staring at her, Mario agrees.

Charlotte tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that she has been doing housework and feels that she is learning wife skills. She already knows how to do the fun ones, but now she needs to learn the housekeeping skills.

In the living room, Dustin tells the group that he has done around 70 commercials.  Carol admits that she has only filmed one commercial, and it was for a boiler company.  The group playfully jokes around joke around about doing diarrhea and yeast infection commercials.  Dustin wonders how people who act in herpes medication commercials ever get dates.

The Cult members have their capes back on, and it is time for them to make their nomination decision.  They decide that Ron is the best choice.  They want to give Courtney another chance as she has seemed very sweet today, and Carol also seems to have relaxed.

The episode has now caught up to when the Cult members re-entered the house.  Mario is whispering to Charlotte that he thinks they are lying about having been in separate hotel rooms for the past three days.  Mario believes that they have been watching the group this whole time. Charlotte thinks that Mario is being paranoid.

Big Brother announces that Ron has been nominated for eviction by the public.  Charlotte and Dustin are both really disappointed that Ron has been nominated.  Mario consoles Charlotte and reassures her that the public will see more of Ron and realize how awesome he is and not vote him out.  Mario also states that he thinks the three new housemates were the ones that nominated Ron for eviction.  Charlotte then punches a cake and whines that she can’t understand why he has been nominated. Carol tries to talk some sense into her about not taking it to seriously, doesn’t work.

Mario is in the garden convincing Vicky, Danielle Marr, and Ron that the three new roommates are part of a Big Brother task.  Louie is trying to convince Carol of his lie by complaining that he missed out on the big entrance of Launch Night and that he is upset.  Sophie tells Big Brother in the diary room that she is a terrible liar, a side effect of recovery, but she thinks she is handling the situation pretty well.

On the staircase Louie and Carol are whispering about Ron, Louie doesn’t know what Ron is famous for.  Carol tells Louie that Ron’s television career ended in an instant when he called a footballer the “n word” (she says the actual word) off camera, but he still had his mic on.  Carol says that she is not really sure what context Ron said that word in but it destroyed his career.

Big Brother calls Carol to the principal’s office to chastise her for having said the “n word” when she relayed Ron’s story to Louie.  Big Brother says that they do not tolerate such language and if she says something like that again she could be removed from the show immediately.  Carol apologizes and assures Big Brother that her apology is totally sincere.

In the bedroom, Courtney and Lauren discover that they both have packed similar lingerie. The episode closes with Ron telling Bruce that he wouldn’t mind being evicted at all, Bruce hopes that he stays and feels that he fits in well.

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