The next Big Brother 15 eviction is just a day away and it looks like the final vote is set for who will go home on Thursday night. After an exciting few days of crazy drama and tears inside the house, the players mellowed out on Monday once it became crystal clear who will be evicted this week. While we love it when things get heated on the Big Brother Live Feeds, we were glad to have a bit of a break from all the nastiness!

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Even Amanda Zuckerman, who spent most of Sunday and Monday spewing hate and verbal abuse at Elissa Slater, was pretty chill on Tuesday. Of course, she says that her change in her attitude is all about finally having her “meds” again. Yes, believe it or not, she’s blaming a lot of her whole asinine behavior over the past week on not having her anti-anxiety drugs to keep her balance. Yeah, we’re not buying it either.

Who will be evicted this week on Big Brother 2013? What new alliance could potentially determine which HouseGuests will end up in the final four? Read on for our latest report from the Live Feeds and find out what those crazy hamsters are up to behind the scenes! And don’t forget, this is the last month to tune in to the Live Feeds yourself for just ten bucks through the end of the season. That’s less than the cost of a movie ticket for a whole month of awesome entertainment!

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10:05 AM BBT: Production sounds the wake up alarm late in the morning. It takes a while for the HouseGuests to start dragging themselves out of bed.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Tuesday Highlights (3)10:40 AM BBT: Aaryn and Judd chatter. Judd is convinced there will have to be a Pandora’s Box soon. They think something special is going to happen before the day is out. (It’s not.) We’re honestly surprised we haven’t had Pandora’s Box yet. We think there should have been one the week Andy was Head of Household but Jessie’s drama was too interesting and so production maybe delayed it. This week, we had all of Amanda’s insanity, so that may have delayed it again.

11:10 AM BBT: Elissa tells Judd she missed him a lot and it is nice for him to just hang out and talk to her. Without Helen in the house, she hasn’t really had anyone to chat with. They smack talk about Amanda and Aaryn. Elissa says Aaryn didn’t want to be on Big Brother, she wanted to be on Real World. Elissa thinks Amanda is totally disgusting. She says Amanda apologized but then kept making up more lies and if she was McCrae, she’d be embarrassed that Amanda was her girlfriend. She says Amanda’s Botox is wearing out and her eyes are droopy. Judd says he feels bad for her because the way she has acted on the show has probably causing her harm in the real world with her job and such.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Tuesday Highlights (5)11:25 AM BBT: Elissa spills possibly HUGE Survivor 2013 spoilers when she and Judd are talking about the show and how they would like to both be on it. Then they talk about former Big Brother winner Hayden Moss being on the show this season. Elissa says that Hayden went far on Survivor, like he was in the final four when they came into the house. Big Brother cuts the feeds briefly. They come back on and Elissa says she wants to know who won and if Hayden made it to final 4, he probably made it further. (Survivor is filmed way before the season airs, but the contestants aren’t supposed to tell anyone what happened. But Elissa’s sister Rachel Reilly is in tight with CBS and is friendly with Hayden, so…)

1:35 PM BBT: Aaryn wants to know if Amanda told Elissa to put up Andy as the replacement nominee so that Aaryn would end up being evicted. Elissa pretty much tells her yes. She says that McCrae wanted her to go up and Amanda wanted her out instead of Andy. Nice way to make your enemies hate each other more, Elissa. Aaryn goes outside to brood.

2:20 PM BBT: Time for the Head of Household camera and a bunch of HouseGuests running around taking silly photos. Andy and Judd are looking like “twinnies” wearing the same colors.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Tuesday Highlights (8)3:00 PM BBT: Despite being told by everyone he is safe, Andy is still paranoid that he is going to get blindsided and evicted on Thursday. Amanda tells him to chill out and that Aaryn knows she is going to be voted out.

3:05 PM BBT: Aaryn has now reversed her earlier statement to GinaMarie that she should vote with the house. She now wants GM to throw a vote to her in case something crazy happens. GinaMarie suggests to Aaryn that they try to work Elissa about making an all girls alliance like she has been talking about all season. It’s a last ditch effort to save Aaryn with little hope of working.

3:20 PM BBT: Amanda and Elissa have publicly buried the hatchet and are talking with each other and putting on the appearance of having fun. In private, you can still see the hate seething between them.

6:00 PM BBT: McCrae is thinking about a real guys alliance to carry him through to the final two. He suggests this to Andy and Spencer. Andy says that if McCrae wants to work with Judd, he will have to get rid of Amanda. McCrae says Amanda needs to be voted out before him.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Tuesday Highlights (11)Spencer and Andy don’t really want a true guys’ alliance because they now have a solid final four deal with Judd and GinaMarie (The Exterminators). To keep McCrae off the scent of his alliance, Andy tells him that GinaMarie would probably put up Amanda and Elissa if she won the next HoH with Elissa as the target.

Andy and Spencer try to talk around McCrae’s suggestion but he doesn’t want to let it go. He talks about them presenting the idea of a guys’ alliance to Judd. Spencer hesitantly says maybe okay but Andy says he doesn’t want to make any big moves while he is on the block. They all agree now is not the right time to be making any new deals.

6:40 PM BBT: McCrae is b*tching about how Elissa doesn’t need the money if she wins because she’s rich already. He says she doesn’t deserve to be in the game at all. We don’t think being poor is a requirement of playing or winning the game, McCrae.

8:00 PM BBT: GinaMarie and Spencer are apparently conspiracy theorists and talk about how the Sandy Hook shootings were a conspiracy and maybe 9/11 and the Boston Bombings too. That’s sure to help grow their fan base.

9:50 PM BBT: Amanda acts like a b*tch again, not letting the others have the liquor production gave them until they will give her paper cups for beer pong. Everyone is kind of pissy at Amanda for being a d*ck.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Tuesday Highlights (13)11:25 PM BBT: Aaryn says that Elissa (who is married) has a crush on Judd and she is jealous of Aaryn flirting with him. Amanda immediately goes and teases Elissa about supposedly having a crush on Judd. Elissa says Aaryn is nuts. She jokes to Judd that her secret plan was to go on the show and leave her husband. She says that in Canada you can have two husbands now if you want! Elissa says that she told production they had to bring Judd back in the game for her to play with. Everyone is laughing.

12:00 AM BBT: Amanda confronts Spencer about allegedly wanting to target her and McCrae. Aaryn told her Spencer was after them in an effort to try to get everyone to vote to keep her in the game because she’s a better ally than Andy.

12:10 AM BBT: Amazingly enough, Aaryn’s strategy seems to have worked a bit with Amanda, who talks to McCrae about saving Aaryn rather than Andy. McCrae says absolutely not. He thinks voting out Andy would screw them up totally with the other HouseGuests. (Plus, you know, he’s got side deals with Andy and wants a guys alliance with him.)

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Tuesday Highlights (16)3:00 AM BBT: GinaMarie is unhappy that Aaryn is throwing everyone under the bus to still try to save herself from eviction this week. She and the rest of The Exterminators meet in the backyard. She wants to know why Aaryn would sh*t on everyone before she leaves. She says she told Aaryn that she doesn’t have the votes and she can do what she wants but even if she voted, it wouldn’t be enough. Spencer says Aaryn is always saying GinaMarie talks sh*t about people. Andy says that McCrae and Amanda really want Elissa out next and they think he is still supporting them. They know that if McCrae or Amanda wins Head of Household and puts Elissa up, then Elissa wins Power of Veto — one of them will get evicted.

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