The new Head of Household for week nine took their sweet time deciding who to put up on the block for eviction this week. Even with those choices finally determined, we still aren’t quite sure which Houseguest will end up being the final target for eviction on Thursday.

Big Brother 17 Houseguests confer (CBS)

We know who we think the Houseguests in charge should want to get out of there as quickly as possible, but we’re not sure they are ready to make the big move. The problem is, if they don’t make it soon, they could find that choice coming back to bite them in the rump really soon.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do notproceed if you do not want spoilers!

Talk, talk, talk in circles, that’s all the Houseguests seemed to do last night after the Head of Household Competition. Especially new HoH Austin. He and Liz (plus Julia) are in the power seats again this week, and it’s up to him (them) to determine who is going to go up on the block next.

Problem is, Austin made deals with just about everyone in the house last week. He is going to have to betray somebody this week pretty much no matter what decisions he makes.

Not only is Austin still technically in a major alliance with Vanessa, but he also made a ‘deal’ with the Goblins (Meg and James) and Vanessa last week. Although, of course, he also had a ‘side’ deal with the Goblins to get Vanessa out next. Plus, of course, he is working with Steve and Johnny Mac as well. Johnny Mac thinks Vanessa is guaranteed to be the next target. This is a problem, because if Vanessa doesn’t become the real target, Johnny Mac could end up being it by default.

Austin is not going to target either of the twins, of course, and he doesn’t want to target Meg or James yet either because he wants their votes with him. So that means it’s either going to be Vanessa (as a front or backdoor), Steve, or Johnny Mac. Vanessa wants Meg and James to go up but she wants Johnny Mac as a backdoor target. Austin really doesn’t want to piss off the Goblins by putting one of them up, even if someone else is the real target.

All night, Austin was wiggy about whether or not he is willing to directly target Vanessa this week. Johnny Mac will apparently go up as a ‘pawn’ and is resigned to doing so, even volunteering to do it willingly. (Oh Johnny Mac, what happened to “NOOOOOOO!”)

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Austin puts on his Judas hat while talking to Steve and John (CBS)

Liz, for her part, wants Steve and Johnny Mac to go up and she doesn’t want Vanessa out yet. She thinks it is better to keep Vanessa as a meat shield for the returning Jury member to target when they come back. Austin is still wavering though, and told Liz he may backdoor Vanessa before they went to sleep last night.

However, regardless of his actual eviction inclinations, we expect that Austin is very unlikely to put Vanessa up directly as a first eviction nomination. So we’re predicting that Johnny Mac will go on the block with Steve. Since Austin is actually secretly tighter with Steve than anyone really knows, and still weeny about backdooring or evicting Vanessa, this could mean Johnny Mac going out the door on Thursday. But we hope not!

*UPDATE: As of early this afternoon, the plan may be changing. Steve absolutely does not want to go up against Johnny Mac as a pawn. He is adamant about this to Austin. It’s going to serious tweak Steve if Austin puts him up with John, so Austin seems to be waffling again at possibly putting Vanessa up against Johnny Mac.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Austin did not go for the plan to put up Vanessa. Save and Johnny Mac are on the block. 

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