Thursday night’s CBS Big Brother 15 live eviction show ended before viewers got to see who won the week 6 Head of Household Competition. No worries though, we have a recap of the whole challenge for you and the Big Brother 2013 spoilers on who won!

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After the CBS show went off, the competition continued on the Big Brother Live Feeds with the HouseGuests frantically struggling to survive a brutal test of strength and endurance. Who walked away as the new HoH this week? Read on to find out!

When the HouseGuests were put on inside lockdown at 5 AM on Wednesday, we knew a major endurance competition was on the way for the next Head of Household challenge. We have to admit, we got a little bit giddy about it. We LOVE endurance competitions and we especially wanted to see some of this year’s Big Brother 15 cast suffer compete in a lengthy, torturous, awesomely epic challenge. (We’re talking about you especially Aaryn, Amanda and GinaMarie…)

Once the CBS Big Brother show switched off, we immediately switched over to the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds to watch the rest of the competition go down on live stream. This is one of the primary reasons we simply must have the Live Feeds every year — to watch the full, delicious insanity of endurance competitions! Check out our recap of the event below and find out who won HoH for week 6!

Week 5 Head of Household Competition — August 1, 2013

8-1-2013 06-59-00 PMHold on to your seats, here we go! The competition tonight is called “Bull in a China Shop”. In the endurance competition tonight, the HouseGuests will have to stand on a rolling log as long as they can while holding on to a bull head. If they let go, the bull head will go free and fly forward to break their china. Right off the bat, Elissa falls on her knees and nearly goes down but manages to crawl back up on her feet.

Julie announces that there will be no Have Nots this week, only Haves. She asks some of the HouseGuests how they feel about it. Judd says that is awesome. Candice says she is going to have a lot of bacon and fried chicken.

Julie tells the HouseGuests that she has a little proposition for them. The first three to come down can open a box and one of them has $5,000 in it. None of them come down for a box.

8-1-2013 07-06-37 PMAs the CBS show ends, Julie advises the HouseGuests that they better tighten their grip because “those bulls are about to run a whole lot faster.” And the log they are walking on speeds up as the credits roll. Everyone is still up. We are switching over to the Live Feeds now for the rest of the competition!

7:10 PM BBT: Everyone still going but Judd is really breathing hard as hell. McCrae says he doesn’t want to fall and be one of the first three and take the money and look guilty. McCrae is just kind of weirdly hanging on with one hand.

7:13 PM BBT: The log wheel stops rolling and we can see it is getting all torn up in the middle where it is rolling and right where the HGs are walking on it. That could be a problem. After a brief pause, it starts up again.

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7:20 PM BBT: And everyone is still going… the log stops rolling again for a moment. Aaryn looks very… Lifetime movie watching form the sidelines.

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7:22 PM BBT: Two Houseguests are out! No ,three of them are out! No, four! Five! Spencer, Candice, Helen, Amanda, Elissa all out!

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7:27 PM BBT: Judd and Andy are out!

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7:33 PM BBT: Only GinaMarie, Jessie and McCrae left now! As the first three down, Candice apparently won the 5k, Helen got some kind of card and Spencer has a megaphone… not sure what that is about.

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7:37 PM BBT: GM is looking fiercely determined! She is trying to get McCrae and Jessie off, promising that he, Amanda and Jessie will all be safe if they come down. She even tells McCrae and Amanda she will get up the HoH bed to them and sleep downstairs.

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7:45 PM BBT: The log stops rolling again briefly and then starts going backwards. Poor Jessie is still barely getting any camera time even when she’s one of the last three in an HoH Competition!

7:47 PM BBT: Jessie comes down! GinaMarie immediately starts campaigning McCrae to come down, promising him whatever he wants. Safety for him and Amanda. He says no, he wants to win and says he’ll have her back if he does. GM sounds really desperate. They are pretty much having to jog on the log at this point.

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7:56 PM BBT: GinaMarie and McCrae still at it, promising each other mutual safety if the other comes down. Neither one will yield. GM is promising the world, giving him a nomination, anything. McCrae says GinaMarie can pick both nominees. She says no. She says she doesn’t even want the bedroom, she just wants to win and… get her hair dye.

7:59 PM BBT: McCrae falls! GinaMarie wins in 1 hour and 8 minutes! GM is the new Head of Household for week 6!

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8:05 PM BBT: And to top off the night, GinaMarie says her HoH room is an open door policy and anyone wants to be up there they can. She promises McCrae and Amanda can have it for their honeymoon. She says… she likes to sleep where she and Nick almost did… nothing GinaMarie, you did nothing.

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