Big Brother 18 cast member Jozea Flores ( aka Jossie Flores ) currently lives in New York City according to his “Meet the Houseguests” interview, but may also spend significant time in Los Angeles, California according to his CBS profile, where he listed the city as his current residence.  He is a makeup artist and very tight-lipped when it comes to revealing any of his celebrity clientele.

Jozea Flores Big Brother 18

One of his downfalls could be that he is a new fan and is not very familiar with the game. According to his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he only started watching recently and specifically pointed to Big Brother 16 and Big Brother 17.

He says “I’m going to be the puppet master” which leads me to compare him to Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16, who is often described that way.  In addition, it is not clear whether or not he actually wanted to be on Big Brother since his profile was passed along to the show from producers of another show that he had applied to.  Lastly, all of this is evidenced further by the fact he named himself as his favorite player in one interview; however, he did mention Frankie Grande on his CBS profile.

One of the three adjectives (although he really provided four!) that Jozea used to describe himself was as a “visual genius”.  This could benefit him in certain competitions where you need to use your vision and memory.  An example of this is a competition where you memorize a certain scene and then you try to replicate it.  You can view the version that you need to copy as many times as you want since this is a timed challenge (meaning the lowest time of all the competitors wins).

While he has a strategy, it doesn’t sound like it is developed very well to match his arrogant statements, which frequently include stating that he is going to win.  When Jeff Schroeder asked about his strategy in his “Meet the Houseguests” interview, he responded with “being true to myself and knowing my strategy to the max”.  This answer revealed absolutely nothing about his actual strategy.


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Lucky for us, his CBS profile offered a little more substance.  He plans to use his “mind to get into other people’s heads” which would tell us that he plans to play a strong mental game.  He then refers to use “love and caring” for his fellow houseguests to help him make it through the competition.  You need to be cutthroat in Big Brother, but I suppose this could simply be a way to ensure he isn’t put on the block.  I worry he may become a floater.

However, there may be some hope for him yet.  Jozea indicates that winning will mean a lot to him and he is going to “pull out all of the stops and the tricks to win”.  He indicated that he would rather win and be hated by America (rather than lose and be loved) with a simple statement of “I’m going for it”.

It sounds like we will see a mostly social and mental game being played by Jozea, which can work, but if you don’t win any competitions – your plea at final two could be tough.  Let’s hope that his chiseled physique allows him to be a contender in physical competitions.

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