Big Brother 20 Episode 9 Recap: Revenge Is in the Air

There is a new sheriff in the Big Brother 20 house and an unlikely one at that.  Scottie Salton won the third Head of Household competition of the summer on the heels of the second vote flip this season.  Not only did Scottie flip his vote to evict on Swaggy C WIlliams, but Scottie did so while wearing one of Swaggy’s very own infamous shirts broadcasting his swagger.

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton HOH

Now that Scottie has the HOH power in the Big Brother house, will he look to seek revenge for the early departure of his “ride or die”, Steve Arienta“?  Scottie made it clear once he won the HOH that he was looking to stir things up inside the Big Brother house.  Based on his surprising vote to evict Swaggy just a few days ago, Scottie seems likely to be on a path to bring the Big Brother fans some excitement during his reign as HOH this week.

Live Eviction Fallout

Scottie confided in the diary room that he flipped his vote against Swaggy C to cause paranoia in the Big Brother house.  He was planning and scheming for his long term game.  If he can blame someone else for flipping the vote, then he figures he can climb up the totem pole of power.  He admittedly was on the bottom before his latest sneaky move.

The old F.O.U.T.T.E. alliance has been completely upended by the latest eviction vote.  Most of them suspect Scottie was houseguest that flipped.  They have it narrowed down to be either Scottie or Haleigh Broucher that flipped their vote, and Haleigh swears she did not vote to evict Swaggy.  They are scared to confront him as Scottie is now the HOH this week and holds all the power in the Big Brother house at the moment.

Scottie’s master plan for his week as HOH and his nominations to the block is simple.  He plans to target the “Bro’s”, AKA Winston Hines and Brett Robinson, while making it seem like the plan is everyone else’s idea.  He intentions are to ask all of the houseguests two simple questions: 1. Who did you vote for during Steve’s eviction and what do you know about that? and 2. Who do you feel is the largest threat in the Big Brother house?  Regardless of everyone’s answers, Scottie plans on nominating the Bro’s and telling everyone that they are the biggest threat in the house.  Can we say OPERATION STEVE’S REVENGE is in full gear.

Big Brother 20 Winton Hines Brett Robinson

Ever since Scottie lost his closest ally in the Big Brother house at the first live eviction, Scottie has been a loner with no one to really confide in.  He flipped his vote during the last eviction and voted out Swaggy C, and as far as we know, none of the Big Brother houseguests are privy to this information.  WIll Scottie reveal he flipped his vote against Swaggy or will the houseguests come to their own conclusion based on the process of elimination?

Big Brother 20 Promo

Once word gets around the Big Brother house that Brett and Winston are the targets for week, the Level 6 alliance begins to panic, especially those that Scottie plans to nominate to the block for eviction.  Brett and Winston do their best during private conversations with Scottie to sway him in a different direction but to no avail.

Week 3 App Store Reward and Punishment

According to Julie Chen, tonight will be the last time we see the Big Brother App Store twist.  So far the creative addition to season 20 has left Faysal Shafaat and Rachel Swindler on the losing side of trending houseguests.  On the other hand, Sam Bledsoe and Tyler Crispen have reaped the rewards with trending higher than all other houseguests during week 1 and week 2 respectively.  Who will win the last Power App, and who will receive the last App Store punishment?

Surprisingly, on the heels of her showmance being evicted from the Big Brother house, Bayleigh Dayton won the App Store reward as the most trending houseguest.  She chose “Identity Theft” which gives her the power to steal and rename a HOH’s nominations for the week.  The HOH will not be aware of the switch until the nomination ceremony.  The HOH will still carry out all other HOH responsibilities and duties during the week.  This power must be used during the first half of the summer, in other words before final 8.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

Haleigh was the least trending houseguest for the week and chose the “READ IT!” App.  Every time she hears “To Read or Not to Read”, Haleigh must put on a Shakespeare costume, go to the reading area, stand on the soapbox and read from the Hamlet book out loud in her best Shakespeare accent.  This punishment continues until Haleigh has read the entire book of Hamlet.

Week 3 Eviction Nominations

Who will Scottie target for eviction during his week as HOH?  Will Scottie seek revenge for losing Steve during the first week inside the Big Brother house?  Will Tyler manage to continue to pull strings from behind the scenes as he successfully managed to do with HOH Kaitlyn Herman?

At the third nomination ceremony, Scottie chose Brett as his first nominee to the block for eviction.  His second pick was Winston.  Scottie explained that he chose the power duo because of what a threat both are to his game.  He doesn’t believe he can beat them physically in competition nor in charisma or charm department.

Join us again Wednesday night at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST for the first the Big Brother 20 week 3 Power of Veto episode.

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