Jordan is in charge as the Head of Household going into Sunday night’s Big Brother episode and the newbies are all nervous about what the veterans have planned. With Keith gone in the last elimination, the newbies are already down one and they are facing a strong possibility the vets will manage to kick out another new player in the next eviction.

Porsche seems pretty full of herself following her duo partner Keith’s eviction because now she has a golden key pass to the final 10. Dominic, on the other hand, is whiny pissed because two people switched their votes in the elimination. “I feel like I’ve been shanked multiple times,” he says.

The two vote switchers, meanwhile, seem quite pleased with themselves for helping to get Keith evicted. Kalia changed her vote because of Keith calling her out. Shelly is happily playing a double game under the table and doing a pretty good job of it. She’s sticking with the veteran alliance and voting with them, but keeping the newbies in the dark.

Adam wisely believes no one in the game should be trusted, while Lawon is just pissed all over the place (he actually started crying when Keith left the house). Dominic, Cassie, Shelly, Lawon, Adam and Kalia all discuss what happened with the vote in the Have Not room. No one admits to voting with the enemy, however.

Dominic and Adam are pretty much at each other’s throats and this point and neither trusts the other. Dominic whines to Jeff that he thought Keith had the votes to stay. Jeff, of course, has to be totally amused about this as he plays clueless about where the two switch votes came from.

Jordan opens the Head of Household room and gets a letter from her mom. Now the Big Brother live feed viewers will have to wait and see if they can tune in for some Jordan and Jeff snogging under the covers. Much preferable to Brenchel I’m sure!

Adam speaks to Jeff and Jordan in the Head of Household room and says that if he gets nominated and gets the golden key pass, he will work with the veteran alliance and do what they want. Jeff, however, says in the Diary Room that the vets don’t trust Adam.

Daniele, meanwhile, is cozying up with Dominic and tells him she’ll scratch his back if he scratches hers. Daniele already has a previous history of getting snuggly with a fellow houseguest for strategic purposes from her previous season. So I don’t find this at all surprising. Adam, of course, has previously said the only good way to deal with Daniele is to flirt with her.

For the Have and Have Not competition, the houesguests have to play a gross game of crawling over huge sandwiches and throw sprays of ketchup and mustard. In the end, Brendon and Rachel win, which should shock no one at this point. Those two are just too damn lucky at competitions. Brenchel names Dominic, Adam, Shelly and Cassie to be Have Nots. Their food from the masses this week is jelly beans and beef jerky. Yum!

After the competition, Dominic tries to weasel his way in with Jordan and Jeff to make a deal. He says he’ll do anything they want. Jordan, however, says she does not trust Dominic. Cassie also comes up to talk and swears her priority is just to keep herself and Shelly in the house as long as possible. She is quite willing to vote against the other newbies if necessary. Later, talking to Daniele, Jeff says the majority of the veteran alliance wants to get rid of Cassie.

In the nomination ceremony, Jordan puts up Adam and Dominic for eviction. She claims that she nominated them because she doesn’t know what they are thinking and she thinks they would put her and Jeff up if the situation was reversed. Jordan says in the Diary Room that she is doing what she thinks is best for her and Jeff. Adam is pissed off and says he can no longer trust them. Dominic, meanwhile, says he will fight as hard as he can to stay no matter what happens.

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