The second live Big Brother 14 eviction takes place Thursday night and all the signs are pointing pretty clearly toward who is going to be sent home tonight. Our Big Brother 14 prediction for eviction this week almost seems too easy. It’s really amazing how fast it is all going though. With Jodi Rollins being evicted during the Big Brother 14 premiere, Kara Monaco gone in the last live eviction, and Willie Hantz getting himself thrown off the show, we’re rapidly running out of Big Brother 2012 houseguests and it’s only the end of week 2!

We’d for there to be some kind of sudden surprise during the Big Brother 14 eviction tonight, but it’s doubtful. The house seems almost completely aligned with the purpose of getting out one girl in particular of the Big Brother 14 eviction nominees up on the block. So who do we think is going to be sent packing in our Big Brother 14 eviction prediction for week 2?

Well, honestly it has seemed pretty clear since JoJo Spatafora and Shane Meaney were first put up on the eviction block that one of them would more than likely be going home this week. Shane winning the Power of Veto and taking himself off the block pretty much doomed JoJo, who never should have gotten so buddy-buddy with ex-communicated houseguest and former Britney Haynes team member Willie Hantz.

Head of Household Frank Eudy replaced Shane on the block with Danielle Murphree, the last player on Dan Gheesling‘s team, and this did give JoJo some hope she might still be saved. After all, to some it seemed like it might be a good game move to evict Danielle, and thus hopefully get rid of coach Dan as well.

However, even though the idea of getting Danielle and Dan out has been floated around by just about everyone, no one ever really seemed to jump on board the plan with any gusto. Maybe it’s because JoJo is just so annoying, lewd, rude, and talks bad about people all the time. Personally, I’d want rid of her too, even if the stronger game play might be to ditch Danielle and Dan.

Neither JoJo or Danielle have really been working the votes, although Danielle has made sure to be super friendly nice and sociable with just about everyone. JoJo, on the other hand, barely even started trying to recruit any votes until yesterday. She then gave a half-hearted, not really serious, attempt to get Chef Joe to trade his vote for some cigarettes since nothing else seemed to be working.

The vast majority of the Big Brother 14 predictions on the fan sites out there pretty much agree on what will be going down tonight. The overwhelming Big Brother 14 eviction prediction for week 2 is that JoJo Spatafora will be taking the short walk out the door this evening, and we agree.

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