This week on Big Brother 14, the person who would be going seems relatively obvious. The past few days in the Big Brother 14 house have been a bit boring really as it looks like the matter was basically settled when the eviction nominees were named, especially since the Veto winner decided not to use it to change up the nominees. I’m always hoping for a last minute switch up just to keep things exciting, but I think who was evicted on Big Brother 14 this week is pretty much a given.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the week 5 live eviction results and Head of Household Competition. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Although a huge number of houseguests have been discussing getting rid of annoying Chef Joe Arvin for weeks on end, it still looks right now like pretty boy Wil Heuser is going to be the one evicted on Big Brother 14 this week. Personally, I’d rather see Chef Joe go home because I just don’t like him and I get sick of his paranoia, terrible game play and overly loud voice. However, of the two it is certainly a better game play move to get rid of Wil because NO ONE is going to vote for Joe in the jury house no matter who he might end up next to… not that he’ll ever get that far anyway.

I’m still bummed, however, that Head of Household/Power of Veto Winner Frank Eudy did not take the opportunity to backdoor a vet in the game like Dan Gheesing or Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin. I mean seriously, had I been Frank, I would have secretly met with all the other players (except Ian maybe) and been like… listen — all of us, in together and whammo, backdoor Boogie as one of the biggest threats in the game before Jury House. Then, after Boogie is gone, it’s newbies against vets until Britney Haynes and Dan are gone, and then a free-for-all. But then, I would be in the house to cause insanity just for the hell of it and probably never make the final three… Wouldn’t it have been way too fun to backdoor Boogie though? The week after he gloated so much over backdooring Janelle Pierzina? Hell yeah!

Anyway, pipe dreams aside, the Big Brother 14 live eviction show results tonight are probably not going to be all that exciting even if the house does suddenly turn and Chef Joe Arvin gets booted. What’s really important tonight is who will end up winning the next Head of Household Competition. Personally, I’m rooting for Jenn Arroyo just to make things totally wacky as she’s the least likely and no one has planned for what would happen if she did…

Of course, after the whole Frank Eudy/Ashley Iocco makeout session and blossoming showmance, if she were to win, that could be very interesting as well… Just please, please, please don’t let it be Shane Meaney or Danielle Murphree again — I’m just so sick of them. Or Chef Joe Arvin, can you imagine how hellish it would be watching the Big Brother live feeds with him in power? Arrrggh!

Anyway, enough of all that, let’s get right along to what’s really important of course, our Big Brother 14 live eviction and Head of Household Competition results show recap!

Big Brother 14 Live Eviction Vote — Week 5:

Ashley votes to evict: Joe
Dan votes to evict: Wil
Danielle votes to evict: Wil
Ian votes to evict: Wil
Jenn votes to evict: Joe
Mike Boogie votes to evict: Wil
Shane votes to evict: Wil

In a vote of 6 to 2, Wil Heuser has been evicted from the Big Brother 14 house.

For the Head of Household Competition this week, the houseguests can choose to go for the HoH, a big cash prize of 10k, or safety from nominations/evictions this week. Not an endurance comp after all, just tedious as the houseguests go back and forth to fill the buckets for the prize they want. Ashley and Joe are going for the ‘safety’ prize and Joe is winning. Ian is going for HoH and he is doing great. Boogie is going for the money.

Bogie has won the 10k. Britney won safety. Shane has the HoH in the bag. Yawn. Frank and Shane, Shane and Frank. So predictable and boring. Let’s hope we have a good one Pandoras Box to shake things up. Oh great, more Shane and Danielle stupidity. Sigh.

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Of course we’ll also bring you the winner here just as soon as we know! Oh, and there is going to be a double eviction next week, so look for the drama to ramp up big time!

Head of Household Competition Results — Week 6:

8:30 pm – Shane has won Head of Household

7:56 pm – Mike has now walked away with the $10,000 prize. Way to go America.

7:24 pm – Britney was the first houseguest to fill one of the fishbowls. She decided to go for the Safety bowl and is now imune from being nominated OR backdoored this week. Shane is currently leading for HOH with Mike Boogie going for the $10k prize.

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