The buzz in the Big Brother 14 house is all about who Head of Household Shane Meaney will nomination for eviction this week. Even his closest ‘allies’ in the house aren’t really sure what the hell he is going to do. Frank Eudy and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin hope they have him under their thumb, but Shane may just surprise them with a bold game move sparked by his alliance with another player.


Please be warned this post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers about what has been going on in the house leading up to the week 2 eviction nominations. If you don’t want to know, stop reading now!

Ever since Shane Meaney won the Head of Household this week, the other Big Brother 14 houseguests have been scrambling to make sure they don’t end up the target of his eviction nominations. Shane has tentative ‘deals’ with half the house, including previous Head of Household Frank Eudy and his team coach Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin.

Although it seems like it might be a wise game move to keep his deal with Frank and Boogie intact for the time being, showmance seeker Danielle Murphree — the last player on Dan Gheesling‘s team — has been pushing Shane to betray that deal and coast to the final two with her. She wants him to nominate Frank and lie, saying he’s just pawn for them to backdoor another player. She thinks Shane needs to actually target him for eviction though, because he’s Shane’s strongest competition and they need to weaken Boogie’s team. (Check out some of this heavy game talk going on around 1:00AM BBT this morning on the Big Brother live feeds.)

Of course, getting Frank evicted would only help Danielle, big time, but taking the pressure off her and Dan more. Danielle is actually starting to finally make some moves in this game. She could prove to bed a player, if she can stop worrying about whether or not her crush Shane was doing bad things with JoJo Spatafora behind her back.

Frank’s team is worried that Shane will decide to go after him as the potentially most dangerous player in the game. Chef Joe Arvin is convinced he and Wil Heuser will be put up together. Chef Joe has rather an inflated sense of his own importance.

I don’t expect Joe to go out this week as there are bigger targets for Shane and the others to worry about. He still might be nominated, however, as a foil to whomever Shane does want out, or as a pawn for a backdoor move. Danielle really wants Shane to target Frank and Wil for the block, with the backup plan of putting up Ian if Frank wins Power of Veto. The goal in that case would be to evict Ian.

Britney Haynes is on board with nominating Frank, which only seems the proper turn around since Frank nominated Shane when he was Head of Household. As it stands, the plan is (supposedly) that Frank and Wil will go up on the block, as long as Mike ‘Boogie’ doesn’t win the coaches’ comp and declare Frank safe.

Shane does not plan to tell Frank in advance he is going to nominate him if he does. Which will pretty much make any excuses he gives him for nominating him (using him as a pawn for a backdoor) totally sound fake. You just don’t nominate someone for the block without talking to them first and then expect them to believe anything you say about it afterward.

Do you think Shane will actually go strong and nominate Frank Eudy for eviction with the intent of getting him out? Or do you think it will be Chef Joe and Wil? Or someone else entirely? Let us know what you think!

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