8-29-2013 06-24-17 PMFormer Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly and husband Brendon Villegas slammed current Big Brother 15 cast member GinaMarie Zimmerman on Tuesday for making racist remarks about their nephew on the Live Feeds this week. Very early on Tuesday morning, while trash talking about Rachel’s sister Elissa Slater, GinaMarie made an extremely derogatory statement about her son and accused Elissa of lying about who the boy’s father was. Elissa’s sister and brother-in-law were not about to let that pass by without comment.

Around 3:05 AM BBT Tuesday on the Big Brother Live Feeds, GinaMarie Zimmerman was deep in conversation with fellow The Exterminators alliance members Andy Herren, Judd Daughtery and Spencer Clawson. While the HouseGuests were talking smack about Elissa, things got deeply personal when GinaMarie brought up her young son.

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“Obviously [her son] is not with that f**king guy [her husband],” GinaMarie said. “She probably got f**king knocked up when she was 16… and then she met her husband like last year… she didn’t even want to tell us her anniversary.”

Spencer chimed in to say “I think she dated a guy from the time that she was 12 to like 20, then she got knocked up and married this old boy.” Andy added that Elissa referred to “my little boy’s Dad… she doesn’t say her husband.”

GinaMarie took things to a whole new low when she attacked the boy’s appearance as justification for her statement that he can’t be Elissa’s husband’s son. She said that he boy “looks like a f**king Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt f**ing…” and there is “no way that white guy [Elissa’s husband] is her kid’s dad.” Thankfully, Judd interrupted this line of talk by saying they should not talk about Elissa’s son and the conversation moved on.

Outraged by the nasty remarks made about their nephew, Rachel Reilly and husband Brendon Villegas took to Twitter to slam GinaMarie for daring to talk about he little boy that way.




We’d like to have some cameras on hand if Rachel and Brendon run into The Exterminators at the Big Brother 15 finale. Bring it on!

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