By the time our CBS Big Brother 2013 recap is over tonight, one of the three fan-named ‘Mean Girls’ will be evicted from the house for good. But which of the three eviction nominees will be the one who got sent home on Big Brother tonight? And which HouseGuest will win the Head of Household Competition and earn the prime seat of power for the next week? Tune in with us for the live show tonight as we bring you all the Big Brother 15 spoilers from season 15, episode 13!

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For those who have been tuning in to the Live Feeds, you probably already know who will be the one who got voted off Big Brother tonight. For those who have just been tuning in to the CBS show and maybe watching BBAD, the eviction might just come as a bit of surprise.

So who is going home in week 4? Will it be foul-mouthed GinaMarie, who once called welfare “n****r insurance” and taunted Candice with racist remarks right to her face? Or Aaryn, who has become the blonde, blue-eyed poster child for racism and homophobia inside the house this year? Or perhaps Kaitlin, who has been more subtle with her offensive remarks but constantly rubs people the wrong way? Keep reading for our live recap of the week 4 CBS Big Brother 15 eviction and Head of Household results show!

WARNING: If you have not yet watched Thursday’s Big Brother season 15, episode 13 on CBS, this post contains spoilers from the broadcast. Please click away now if you do not want the show spoiled for you!

Our live Big Brother 2013 recap kicks off at 9 PM ET right here on this page. Stay tuned!

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We kick off the show with a recap of the last few CBS episodes after host Julie Chen says the house has been a mess of chaos and paranoia since the last eviction. That is most certainly true. The whole America as MVP twist has confused the hell out of everyone.

Tonight, either Kaitlin, GinaMarie or Aaryn will be going home tonight and we’ll see a great little catfight with Elissa, Kaitlin and Aaryn go down. Although we’re sure it won’t be quite as long and tasty as what we got to watch on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Before we get started tonight, host Julie Chen confirms that the person who came in first in America’s MVP vote for the eviction nomination was Aaryn. But since Judd put her up, America couldn’t. Elissa came in second, obviously, so she went up instead. Then GinaMarie was third and so she went up as the replacement nominee when Elissa won Power of Veto.

7-25-2013 10-25-49 AMAll the talk in the house is about whether Aaryn or Kaitlin should go out. GinaMarie isn’t even a consideration for most people. Kaitlin thinks she is up as a pawn because Helen promised her that she would be safe this week after using the PoV to save herself so Jeremy could go up on the block for a backdoor eviction.

Elissa really wants Aaryn to go home and she really hates how she is mean and derogatory toward Howard and Candice. But that just makes Kaitlin more dangerous, some of the others think because she is more of a subtle threat. Judd goes to talk to Howard and Candice and says that Kaitlin is more of a threat as a strong competitor, even though everyone hates Aaryn and her mouth. Howard is an alliance with Kaitlin (and GinaMarie, Judd and Spencer) but he thinks yeah, it might be better to get her out.

Aaryn goes to Helen and says she will throw the Head of Household Competition to her crew or give them the nomination power if they save her from eviction. She is trying to help Helen sway Elissa to vote against Kaitlin. Helen takes the idea to Elissa and she still really doesn’t want to keep Aaryn. She says in the Diary Room that she just “doesn’t support mean girls” and she is trouble and needs to go home.

Helen tells Judd that they can’t tell Howard or Spencer about the deal Aaryn wants to make but that he needs to get them to vote against Kaitlin. Judd tells Helen, Andy and Jessie about his “fake” alliance with GinaMarie, Spencer, Howard and Kaitlin. Helen says in the Diary Room that this just puts a nail in Kaitlin’s coffin. She tells the others they just need to blindside her on Thursday.

Untitled-5 copyHelen goes and tells the rest of her crew about the alleged secret alliance. Elissa turns right around and tells Kaitlin all about the rumor and how it is making people turn against her. Kaitlin denies it. Elissa says she should sit down and confront everyone about the alleged alliance rumor if she wants to save herself.

Aaryn overhears Elissa telling Kaitlin all this and she is pissed because she thought they had a deal. She tells Helen about the whole thing and Helen is like, WTF? In Diary Room, she says she has spent three weeks trying to keep Elissa in the house and creating drama is NOT the way to win Big Brother. (Elissa’s sister, Rachel Reilly, might disagree.)

Elissa tells Spencer and Howard that Elissa told her people were talking about her having a secret alliance with them and that she should confront everyone about it. Spencer says if that happens, they will deal with it.

Untitled-1 copyHelen confronts Elissa about what she said to Kaitlin that Aaryn said she overheard. Elissa denies she told Kaitlin anything. Aaryn calls Elissa on BS and says she heard her. Eventually everyone but Candice, Amanda and McCrae end up in the middle of a confrontation about the whole secret alliance rumor thing. Judd is the guilty party for spreading the rumor but he is keeping quiet. Aaryn and Elissa smack talk each other. All the drama leads Howard to think maybe they should vote against Aaryn and get all her drama out of the house.

Time for Julie to talk to the HouseGuests. She questions Judd about the popularity of his “bear” shirt and how everyone in the house has been wearing it. She says if he cleans it, maybe she’ll wear it next week! (That would be hilarious.) Then Julie talks to McCrae about his wild birthday party for a bit before we watch a lot of video of the HouseGuests deep-throating frozen yogurt. GinaMarie looked especially vulgar doing it, which is probably why Julie asks her if she had fun.

Time for the pitches from the eviction nominees to stay and Aaryn is up first. She gives a very short speech saying that she will respect whatever the house decides. Kaitlin says she has had a great time getting to know everyone and gives a shout out to her friends and family. GinaMarie says she has a “big heart and a bad accent” and she has determination and drive. She says she has grown to love everyone, gives a shout out to her friends, family and to Nick. She gives the longest speech even though she’s the one in least danger.

Now it’s time for the vote!

Amanda: Voted to evict Kaitlin.
McCrae: Voted to evict Kaitlin.
Helen: Voted to evict Kaitlin.
Andy: Voted to evict Kaitlin.
Candice: Voted to evict Kaitlin.
Elissa: Voted to evict Kaitlin.
Spencer: Voted to evict Kaitlin.
Howard: Voted to evict Kaitlin.
Jessie: Voted to evict Kaitlin.

With a vote of 9 to zero, Kaitlin is the fourth person to be evicted on Big Brother 15.

After a commercial break, Julie announces that GinaMarie has zero votes to evict and she is safe. Then she says by a vote of nine to zero, Kaitlin has been evicted. She does not look terribly surprised so it wasn’t the blindside it was going to be. But she does look pissed. The only person she hugs is GinaMarie. The HouseGuests gather around the Memory Wall to watch Kaitlin’s picture go gray.

Julie Chen KaitlinJulie notes that Kaitlin ran from the house and only hugged GM. Kaitlin says she was angry and having Andy stab her in the back was especially hard. Kaitlin says the others targeted her because of who she aligned herself with. Julie says that outside of the house people have been calling Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Aaryn the ‘Mean Girls’. She says ouch! But she admits that she aligned herself with some really “catty” girls. Julie talks about how people saw Aaryn as the leader of the ‘Mean Girls’ and talks about how it got very ugly with Aaryn flipping over Candice’s mattress and stuff and that Kaitlin went along with it all. Kaitlin looks very sheepish and says she aligned herself with the wrong people. Julie wonders if she will be excited to see Jeremy and Kaitlin kind of blows it off.

Helen tells Kaitlin that Aaryn gave them a deal they couldn’t pass up and she was too strong of a competitor. Candice says that Kaitlin is a great girl but her showmance with Jeremy probably did her in. Judd gives a generic message. Aaryn says Kaitlin is a great girl and she hopes they can be friends outside of the house. Kaitlin says she had a gut feeling she would be leaving and it is just a game, a game that turns some people bad, but just a game.

Julie Chen tells the viewers that America will be the secret Most Valuable Player again this week and pick the third nominee for eviction. And yes, Kaitlin is learning this for the first time right now. Vote for who you want to go up on the block this week here at

Time to crown a new Head of Household! To play the game, the HGs have to a single ball down a ramp studded with obstacles. At the bottom of the ramp, the ball hit a spinning roulette wheel with numbered slots in it to catch the balls. In order to win, a player had to get the ball lined up to go into a slot with the highest number.

big brother game

Andy gets 23
McCrae gets 28
GinaMarie gets 3
Candice gets 27
Spencer gets 34
Aaryn gets 36
Howard doesn’t beat Aaryn.
Jessie doesn’t beat Aaryn.
Helen doesn’t beat Aaryn.
Amanda doesn’t beat Aaryn.
Elissa doesn’t beat Aaryn.

Aaryn is the new Head of Household! That is going to screw EVERYONE in the house pretty much. Bet everyone is wishing they had voted out Aaryn right about now.

Back from a break and we have Julie Chen and former Big Brother fan favorite Jeff Schroeder. Julie asks Jeff if she thinks Aaryn will hold her deal with Helen that she will give her and her allies control over the eviction nominations. Julie wants to know if Jeff thinks she should keep the deal. Jeff says he held up his deals and look, he never won! So maybe she shouldn’t!

She asks her about the MVP power and what he thinks. He thinks it is an interesting twist but people aren’t dealing with it right and should think more strategically. They talk about the crazy paranoia inside the house. They move on to showmances and she asks how he and Jordan are. He says they are very good but no, they are not engaged yet. He says they are “almost there” and looks really uncomfortable. Julie wants to know who he likes in the game. Jeff says he’s pulling for McCrae, especially with Amanda behind him.

That’s a wrap for our recap tonight! Be sure to join us here on Sunday for our next recap and stay tuned all week long for the latest spoilers from the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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