Big Brother 2013 CastWe already knew that Big Brother 15 would have a double eviction this week but it also turns out that both HouseGuests getting the boot this week will be headed to the Jury House!

That’s right, CBS Big Brother 2013 will have the largest sequestered Jury ever. So the players in power right now better hope they don’t make hardcore enemies of anyone who gets evicted from here on out. (Oh wait, too late for that!)

CBS announced the news that this season would have the largest Big Brother Jury ever via Twitter on Wednesday morning.

The response from fans was immediate and leaning toward the positive on Twitter. One poster, @buckeye_chica, said they loved it because the whole reason “they” are trying to get out Candice this week is so she wouldn’t be on Jury. “I guess they shouldn’t have treated Candice like crap just because they thought she was leaving. Karma is real, Aaryn.”

The HouseGuests have discussed the idea of there being nine players in the Jury this season because of the large cast but most of their plans are around there being only seven Jury members. Poor Howard, it sucks he ended up being the last Big Brother 15 cast member who didn’t make it to Jury!

Of course, there is another theory — that the jury will only be eight members and we’ll actually have three HouseGuests in the finale instead of two. That could happen, if they continue the whole MVP twist all the way to the end.

What do you think of the new twist? Awesome or awful? Who do you think has the most chance to win if we do end up with a nine person Jury?

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