Wondering who won Head of Household on Big Brother 15 this week and don’t want to wait until you can watch all the action yourself? No worries, we have the Big Brother 2013 spoilers for you on the new HoH winner for week 5 right here! We love Thursday nights even more for finding out who won the Head of Household Competition than for the eviction results. By the time the CBS show rolls around, we pretty much already know who is going to go home based on spoilers from the Live Feeds. But the HoH challenge is always a surprise!

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We had no idea who to guess would win this competition because it honestly could have been anyone. That’s the problem with skill-based Head of Household Competitions, they are a total crap-shoot! If it had been an endurance challenge instead, we could have placed odds on it at least being one of the smaller, more lithe HouseGuests like Elissa or Helen since they tend to do better at those. If it were something involving brute strength, we’d be leaning toward Howard or Judd maybe. If it was a brains challenge, we might give more weight to people who really put in the study and think things through, like Helen or McCrae, etc. With this competition, there was just no way to know.

The Big Brother Head of Household Competition this week was kind of like something out of a game show like Price is Right (as noted by one of the hamsters on the Live Feeds). Or a game you might find at a carnival or street fair. To play the game, the HGs have to a single ball down a ramp studded with obstacles. At the bottom of the ramp, the ball hit a spinning roulette wheel with numbered slots in it to catch the balls. In order to win, a player had to get the ball lined up to go into a slot with the highest number.

So who won the Big Brother Head of Household Competition for week 5 and will rule the house until the next eviction and HoH challenge? Just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

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Here are the scores from the HoH Competition:

Andy gets 23
McCrae gets 28
GinaMarie gets 3
Candice gets 27
Spencer gets 34
Aaryn gets 36, the highest score possible
Howard doesn’t beat Aaryn.
Jessie doesn’t beat Aaryn.
Helen doesn’t beat Aaryn.
Amanda doesn’t beat Aaryn.
Elissa doesn’t beat Aaryn.

Aaryn is the new Head of Household! That is going to screw EVERYONE in the house pretty much. Bet everyone is wishing they had voted out Aaryn right about now.

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Who do you think the new Head of Household is going to put up for the next eviction?


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