After a very dramatic night of Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds, the Houseguests face their first live eviction night on Thursday. Although the outcome of the live vote this evening seems set in stone at this point, there will still be plenty of scheming and planning going on today. With two new Heads of Household set to be named, no one has time to take a break from thinking about their next move in the game.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

In case you missed it, there were two big spots of drama last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds. First we had another run in with Amber and Caleb, who actually ended up talking things out one-on-one in the Hive Room. Almost simultaneously, Devin decided to make a big confession to Donny and then called a House Meeting to reveal his confession to the whole house as well.

12:00 AM – As midnight rolled around in the Big Brother 16 house, the Have-Nots were thrilled to finally get to eat real food again after a week of slop. It’s a feeding frenzy inside the house to the chant of “eat, eat, eat!” as they devour burgers, pizza, and other goodies they have been denied for days. Hayden says it is the best food moment of his entire life and he is going to throw up all night. Cody makes grunting noises while shoving down a burger and Christine announces loudly that “Cody just came in his pants.” Cody says this is just “stupid good.”

Meanwhile, over in the bathroom, Amber jokes with Zach that she really likes him. “You sleep a lot. But I could get used to that.” Zach is bouncing around shirtless in a pink hat acting silly. And Devin, well, Devin is complaining about feeling fat after eating so many carbs.

12:20 AM – Jocasta and Caleb talk about religion in the bathroom. Caleb tells Jocasta about talking things out with Amber and how she said she didn’t really say anything about him not being her type, etc. Lots more Amber talk.

Frankie comes in. Caleb talks about how love is blind and it makes no difference if you are gay or straight. He is happy that he and Frankie are friends. Frankie gets a little emotional talking about how he’s been the victim of hate and he is so happy to be so accepted here by everyone. He and Caleb hug while talking about how they didn’t expect they would get so close. Caleb tells them that Amber has agreed to go on a date with him and is planning it. Wow, Caleb is so obsessed.

12:30 AM –  Victoria and Amber talk in the Fire Bedroom. Victoria says Devin is “so retarded… I mean crazy, he’s so crazy.” She says Devin needs his meds and he’s a bully and that Diary Room has been asking everyone about him being a bully. Victoria thinks Devin’s confession that he forced Caleb to put up Donny for eviction really just made Caleb look bad.

Derrick comes in and talks about how anytime in the game when you are caught lying, it is going to hurt your game. Jocasta joins them and they talk more about Devin saying he ‘forced’ Caleb to put up Donny. Paola comes in to practice her eviction speech and then dances around. Devin comes in, hugs Amber, and says goodnight to the ladies.

12:45 AM – Zach and Frankie play in the kitchen, wrestling around and basically rubbing all over each other… again. Come on CBS, when are you going to give Zankie some air time? And will they ever cross the line and actually make out? We can only hope…

12:50 AM – Zach and Frankie talk about Devin. Zach wants to know if Caleb is on board with getting Devin out next week. Frankie says he doesn’t know but he is sure he will be. Caleb comes in and Zach asks if he is good with Amber now and Caleb says yes and that she said they could go on a date when they get out. (Anyone reminded of GinaMarie and Nick from last season right about now?)

Frankie and Zach tell Caleb what Devin said about forcing him to put up Donny for eviction. Caleb says no, Donny was put up because he was the first to fall off in the HoH Competition, he was NOT forced by Devin to do anything. The guys kind of believe Devin was mostly being genuine with his confession at the House Meeting but got stuff wrong.

1:10 AM – Zach and Frankie leave and go talk more downstairs. Up in the HoH Room, Brittany talks to Caleb about the House Meeting and says he should have been there. Caleb says his nominations were his decision and Devin did not force him to do anything.

1:30 AM – Zach, Nicole, and Christine talk in the bathroom. Zach is acting the fool and imitating Victoria always preening in the mirror. He says he hates Victoria and says he is going to destroy her and she is so rude. She is always asking him to do things and never says please. Nicole says that is mean but they laugh.

Meanwhile, Cody, Frankie, and Derrick are in the Hive Room talking about getting Devin out next week. Cody worries that Devin might blow up The Bomb Squad alliance. Frankie says if that happens to deny it and say it is all in Devin’s head.

1:45 AM – Brittany, Paola, Amber, and Jocasta are in the Fire Bedroom and they also talk about how to get Devin next week. Brittany tells Amber she needs to pretend to be nice with Caleb but not tell him anything.

3:00 AM – Caleb is talking about Amber, again. And endlessly.

Source: @earthdogBB

Source: @earthdogBB

3:15 AM – All Houseguests are finally in bed.

9:00 AM – Donny is out of bed first and getting ready for the day. Feeds cut to fish briefly for wake up call. Frankie is now up as well.

9:20 AM – Devin is awake and talking to Donny about integrity and honesty and blah, blah, blah again. Devin says he would really like to be friends with Donny outside the house and come visit him. Donny says he appreciates Devin telling everyone about telling Caleb to put him up for eviction.

10:00 AM – Big Brother wakes up the Houseguests. Various HGs are wandering around doing their morning routine. Devin talks to Frankie in the kitchen about why he called the House Meeting. More about his daughter and being a role model, and blah, blah, blah.

10:30 AM – Big Brother cuts the Live Feeds for a bit. When they come back up, the HGs are getting read for the HoH Room lockdown.

10:40 AM – Devin tells Caleb he is still down with their alliance. Caleb says he heard what Devin said last night about ‘forcing’ him to put up Donny for eviction. He said Devin tried to throw him under the bus. Devin is like, what the hell, that didn’t happen. (Yes it did.) Frankie and Derrick join them. Frankie says that what Devin said made it sound like Caleb lied about putting up Donny because he was the first to fall in the Head of Household Competition.

Caleb is angry and says Devin contradicted what he told people about why he put Donny up. Devin says he doesn’t even care anymore. He says if he really wanted to throw them under the bus, he would have revealed The Bomb Squad. He says he doesn’t even care what they think. Maybe he’ll just throw this HoH Competition so he can go home to his daughter.

Devin says he considers Caleb one of his closest friends and they are the people he is closest to in the house. He just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page about who is going home tonight. Joey is still the target. Devin says to give him the heads up if anything changes. He says he would never expose The Bomb Squad and will bust his a** for them. He does not want them to think he ever tried to throw anyone under the bus. Frankie and Caleb tell him they don’t think that was his intention and it is done now.

11:05 AM – Devin tells Frankie that he reminds him of a 20 year old girl he knew in rehab who is dead now. Frankie tells Devin he is going to stop drinking and be sober in the house. He says he can’t compete as well when he drinks because he gets tired and can’t think. Devin gives him a hug and says he appreciates that. Devin talks about his time in rehab.

11:10 AM – Derrick talks to Christine about the conversation with Devin in the HoH Room. Meanwhile, up in the HoH, Devin tells Amber it is wrong for people to think he was trying to throw anyone under the bus last night. Frankie pops out of the bathroom buck naked covering his junk with his hand and says he supports Devin. Then he goes back in the bathroom. Very random.

11:20 AM – Devin says he told Donny about backstabbing him so they could have a relationship outside of the house.

12:00 PM – The Live Feeds are off again until after tonight’s show.

7:00 PM – The Live Feeds return and Cody is obviously pissed at having won the Head of Household, but then being disqualified because his foot allegedly touched the ground before he hit his buzzer in the competition. We would like to see that replay footage CBS.

7:15 PM – Jocasta is afraid she is going to go up on the block and is crying. Derrick also thinks he might go up on the block since he was the first guy out of the competition.

7:20 PM – Caleb tells Amber that if Derrick goes up on the block to put him up. He believes they would be able to win Battle of the Block and make sure Devin’s nominees stayed on the block, putting all the blood on his hands this week.

Meanwhile, Devin tells Caleb he wants to put up Brittany as his target this week, and Paola as his second nominee.

8:00 PM – Brittany knows that Devin is going to put her up for eviction and she is very upset he won HoH. She believes Devin will bully everyone in the house into voting against her.

9:00 PM – Hayden dresses up in the Veto Competition lice outfit and plays around as ‘Heavy Metal Louse’. We wonder what Caleb thinks about Amber’s cuddling with Cody…

9:40 PM – Amber and Devin get their Heads of Household room, which only one of them will get to enjoy for very long. Devin, of course, gets a picture of his daughter and has to show it around.

10:00 PM – A sign goes up on the living room monitor saying “Nominations Today.” Devin notices it shortly after and everyone starts getting a little crazy.

10:20 PM – Devin and Amber talk about who they should put up for eviction. Neither of them is going to touch Donny this week after that whole House Meeting debacle.

10:25 PM – Now it is Frankie’s turn to cry because he misses his famous sister Ariana. We think everyone is just bloody exhausted.

10:30 PM – Derrick, Frankie, Caleb, Amber, and Devin talk in the Head of Household room about the nominations. Devin wants to evict Brittany, so he wants to put her up with Paola. Amber wants to put up Hayden and Paola. Derrick suggests that if Amber needs a second person to put up, she should put up Nicole. Amber seems like she would rather not, but with The Bomb Squad in play, she doesn’t have a lot of options.

11:00 PM – Devin tells Cody the nominees for this week will be Brittany and Paola (him) and Nicole and Hayden (Amber).

11:30 PM – Devin tells Nicole he is going to put her up on the block but she will be safe because she is not the target this week.

That’s a wrap for Thursday night. Stay tuned for our next Live Feeds report coming soon!

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