It’s been a dramatic couple of days in the Big Brother 16 house, and it’s about to get even more fun. Today, the Houseguests engaged in the Power of Veto Ceremony and we now have the results!

Big Brother 16 Houseguests Nicole and Zach

Big Brother 16 Houseguests Nicole and Zach

WARNING: The following information has yet aired on CBS. Proceed at your own risk. After the dramatic, live double eviction last Thursday, the house quickly exploded. Virtually everything has been exposed and everyone has been thrown under a bus at least once.

After both Jocasta and Hayden walked out the front door on Thursday, Christine and Nicole became the two Heads of Household. While just hours before they clawed at each other’s throats, Nicole decided it best to attempt to work with Christine.

Meanwhile the guys scrambled to save themselves. They decided Frankie should be a definite target as he was exposed for working all sides of the house. It was decided that Frankie and Caleb would be nominated together so that Caleb would throw the competition to ensure Frankie’s continued presence on the block. Nicole followed through and nominated Frankie and Caleb while Christine nominated Zach and Donny.

At the emotional Battle of the Block competition, Frankie realized that Caleb would throw it and pleaded him to do otherwise. Caleb refused and just sat down. Frankie, however, refused to give up and fought by himself to win the Battle of the Block leaving Zach and Donny to stew on the block and Christine secure in her HOH position.

Saturday, we learned that Zach won the Power of Veto in the ever popular OTEV competition.

Because Frankie cannot be renominated, the Houseguests lobbied for Victoria to go on the block against Donny. Then, a plan emerged to backdoor Nicole and send her packing to her former showmance partner.

Christine followed through with the plan and nominated Nicole for eviction after Zach removed himself for the block. Can Nicole muster the votes to stay? Follow along on Twitter @BigBroAccess and this site as we bring you the latest on all things Big Brother!



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