The Big Brother 16 spoilers are in for the second Head of Household challenge for week one of season 16. We have to say, we’re only two days into reporting Big Brother 2014 results from the competitions and we’re already starting to feel a bit confused.

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Two HoHs every week, four nominations, a new HoH dual battle, and god knows what else coming up? It’s just way too much crazy going on. We’re not really sure even we will be able to keep it all straight and we’re flat out Big Brother addicts watching day and night.

In case you missed it, the first Head of Household Competition of the season was held on Wednesday night during the season 16 premiere. The winner of that challenge was Frankie Grande, who quickly seemed to come to possibly regret his win and be very afraid of the consequences when the rest of the Houseguests arrived in the house tonight.

The second group of eight Big Brother 2014 cast members entered the house on Thursday night to settle in briefly before having to battle it out in the second HoH Comp of the season. We thought perhaps they would have to do the same challenge as the first group of eight on Wednesday night, but CBS Big Brother apparently thought that would be too boring.

So, instead, they kept the same basic design for the competition, but changed some of the decorating and the main physical part of the challenge. Instead of having to try to stay upright on a rolling beam log, the new group of eight Houseguests had to cling to it with hands and feet while it rolled back and forth.

The competitors for the challenge on Thursday night were Brittany MartinezCaleb ReynoldsChristine BrechtDerrick LevasseurHayden VossJocasta OdomVictoria Rafaeli, and Zach Rance. From what looked like possible Big Brother 16 spoilers earlier today in a CBS promo, it appeared the winner might end up being Caleb or Hayden.

Well, it turns out that CBS did kind of give spoilers about the ending of the second HoH competition because it did come down to Caleb and Hayden in the end. Finally, Hayden just couldn’t hang on anymore and fell off, giving the win to Caleb. But, Caleb promised he would not put Hayden up on the block this week. Of course, now that there are two HoHs and four nominees, that doesn’t mean Hayden will be safe.

Want to see what happened after tonight’s show inside the Big Brother house? Grab your Big Brother Live Feeds for the 2014 season and tune in to see what the Houseguests are up to day and night inside the BB16 house!

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