The first female alliance has been formed of the season, now known as Fatal Five. The alliance consists of five female houseguests, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Michelle, Zakiyah, and Tiffany. 


(Source: CBS: From Left to Right; Nicole, Da’Vonne, Tiffany, Zakiyah, Michelle)

The alliance officially gelled when all five girls were up in the HOH room together and began to brainstorm names for their pact. Tiffany ultimately came up with the clever name of Fatal Five because the women are fatal and will rid of their competition in a snap. Zakiyah was instantly in love with their name stating, “I love it, I love it. This is hot!”

Now, the real question is will this alliance last? As most Big Brother fans have seen, most all girl alliances that are seemingly formed fizzle out almost as soon as they are started. Go back to last season in season 17, with Audrey, Shelli, and Da’Vonne on the first night in the house. Audrey had looked around the room as she, Shellli, and Da’vonne sat and got to know one another and decided that the three of them could work well together. Shelli and Da’Vonne seemed to be up for it, but unfortunately the alliance never went anywhere.

2016-06-25_20-36-12Then there was the notorious attempt at another all female alliance El Quatro, formed by Paola Shea in Big Brother 16, which also went nowhere. It’s been quite frustrating for some Big Brother fans that want to see a dominating all girl alliance in the house. For years we’ve seen no issues among the male houseguests with their all guy alliances smashing through the season such as The Four Horsemen, The Brigade, The Bomb Squad then turned Detonators, and many more.

Either way, live feeders are excited and optimistic that this might be the season where an all girl alliance comes through and dominates. Tiffany made it known that the five of them need to make sure they keep their communication among one another strong and try to pry information from the other houseguests to see if any other large alliances are forming. Each girl has a individual that they will be assigned to get close to obtain information.

Da’Vonne was first to chime in and indicate that she believes she could work on Frank and pull some strings to get him to trust her more and relay info. Da’Vonne also pointed out that Nicole could easily have a combo of getting information from both Corey and James since she is already close to Corey, and James more than likely fancies her.

Tiffany offered herself to work on Paulie, but Zakiyah claimed that she already has Paulie in the bag and could continue to work him. Da’Vonne has made it clear that she wants to prove the skeptic viewers that girls can work together and this alliance will prevail! On Sunday’s show, we’ll more than likely see the debut of the new alliance and hopefully see them work some magic in the house. Expect the unexpected!


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