On Sunday, we saw Alex Ow nominate Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper. All week in the Big Brother 19 house, Dominique has been the target. The Big Brother 2017 houseguests wavered a bit about whether to strike at Jessica this Big Brother 19 week, or stay on the path to evict Dominique.

Big brother 19 Dominique Cooper

Alex and Raven Walton wanted Jessica out because they personally didn’t like or trust her. However, Paul Abrahamian, the leader of the Big Brother 19 cast, had a big vendetta against Dominique for (rightfully) calling him a snake in the game. Last night, there was some last minute late discussion about evicting Jessica. However, we expected Paul to switch the target back to Dominique, because she’s a bigger threat to his game.

The majority of the players in the Big Brother 19 house completely trust and respect Paul. They do whatever he says without much questioning and doubt. So things weren’t looking good for Dominique.

Nevertheless, as host Julie Chen would say, ‘expect the unexpected.’ This week’s Den of Temptation power, the Halting Hex, played a lot into what could happen on tonight’s eviction. If it was given out on Wednesday, that meant the Halting Hex applied to this week’s eviction, and could save Jessica and Dominique from eviction.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

If the Halting Hex didn’t start until next week, Dominique or Jessica would leave the Big Brother 19 house on Thursday and face off against the round 2 Battle Back winner.

In the end, the Halting Hex came into play this week. So what could that mean for this week’s Big Brother 19 live eviction?

Yesterday Big Brother 19 Live Feeds concluded with no one revealing that they won the Halting Hex. However, Jessica and Dominique seemed the most likely winners, and demonstrated the most suspicious behavior of all the houseguests.

We believe that there will be no eviction this week. Dominique or Jessica will use the Halting Hex and halt the eviction in its entirety. What this means for the Battle Back winner? We will have to see on Friday.

Tune into Big Brother 19 at 9/8 CST to see if anyone gets evicted. Then join us tomorrow morning for a recap, and later that night the winner of Battle Back competition reveal.

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