When militant Cody Nickson won the first Big Brother 19 head of household competition, we knew it would be an interesting week. We didn’t expect it to be as interesting as it turned out. First, Cody told the diary room, and alliance member Mark Jansen, that he wanted to backdoor Paul Abrahamian. Then things just got crazier from there on Big Brother 2017.

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson

When the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds started, viewers were shocked to learn that Alex Ow was on the block, but not from a veto competition. It had yet to take place, but instead, Alex became a replacement nominee when Megan Lowder self-evicted.

We then started to learn the events that took place leading up to Alex becoming the replacement nominee: there was accusations of racism and jealousy. On Friday, the first Big Brother Power of Veto competition took place.

Everyone wanted the veto to keep Alex on the block. She was the target and destined to go home. However, she said not today, and won the veto. Instead of freaking out, Cody seemed please by Alex’s victory.

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson and Jason Dent

He discussed with his alliance members and showmance, the possibility of bringing Alex into their team. None of them thought it was a good idea. It became a major source of conflict for his relationship with Jessica Graf.

Cody then refused to tell his alliance who he planned to nominate next. He didn’t want to ‘implicate’ them. Yesterday, he started to make deals with Alex and Ramses Soto. The more he discussed his secret plan, the more it seemed like he was going to go back to his original plan of nominating Paul.

There are a couple major issues with this plan: (1) Paul won the Pendant of Protection, and therefore safe for three weeks, and (2) He’ll need to name a fifth nominee!

Today, the Power of Veto ceremony took place. Did Cody go with the plan to backdoor Paul? If so, who did he nominate in his place? Read below to find out who became the replacement nominee on this week’s Big Brother 19.



Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Kevin Schlehuber

Cody nominated Paul Abrahamian for eviction.

However, Paul used his power and Cody was forced to nominate Christmas Abbott instead!!

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