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CBS Big Brother 15 is back this evening and it’s going to be a wild ride ahead. On Big Brother tonight, we’ll find out who won the coveted Power of Veto and has the potential to change up the whole game this week. Join us for our live Big Brother 15 recap and find out which HouseGuest will come out on top and who will be the final three nominees for eviction this week. Just be warned if you haven’t yet watched the episode yet, there are Big Brother 2013 spoilers on the results ahead!

Head of Household Helen and her crew are extremely worried about who might end up with the PoV and they’ve been working hard to cover all their bases to make sure this week’s eviction goes as planned. All of their plans could come to nothing, however, if the wrong person wins and then doesn’t use (or not use) the Power of Veto to benefit them.

We’ve already seen all the Big Brother 15 spoilers on who wins the Power of Veto Competition and what they do with it once it is in their greedy little hands. If you just can’t wait until we get to the results in our live Big Brother 2013 recap below, you can check out the PoV Comp results here and the PoV Ceremony results here.

Going into the Power of Veto Competition, Head of Household Helen and her allies are most concerned about Kaitlin winning the PoV and potentially taking herself off the block in order to save Jeremy from eviction. They are determined to not let that happen and either win the PoV for their side of the house, or convince Kaitlin it is in her best interest to use the power to save herself — or they may just vote her out instead. Will their plan succeed? Our live Big Brother recap starts right here at 8 PM ET, stay tuned!

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After a brief review of the last episode, we plunge into game talk about the Power of Veto Competition. Jeremy is convinced that Elissa is going to win the Most Valuable Player again and she’ll be gunning for him. Kaitlin tells him that she just needs to win the PoV and she can use it to save him.

Helen meets with Amanda and McCrae in the Head of Household room to talk about the replacement nomination if someone comes off the block. Helen says they have Elissa, who will probably win MVP, in their pocket so they can choose the third person to go up for eviction. Amanda and McCrae are on board to backdoor Jeremy. They talk about who should go up for the third nominee. Amanda thinks Howard is the next thread they need to worry about.

Helen wants to talk to Spencer about them lying to her about the Moving Company and the rogue vote that got Nick out. She tells him that Howard denied the Moving Company existed. Helen says she is “crying a lot” but that it is just a tactic to manipulate people like children. She cries with Spencer and tells him that she is willing to forgive him lying but he better prove his loyalty to her if she’s giving him a second chance. Spencer says in the Diary Room that Helen is obviously really upset, which just goes to show those tears work really well…

Spencer goes to Howard and tells him that Helen knows everything about the Moving Company and all of that. He thinks Howard should go and talk to her. He says Helen is not angry but she is hurt. Howard says in the Diary Room that now Helen knows he is a liar again and he doesn’t know if he can fix their relationship.

The Big Brother Most Valuable Player for Week 3 is revealed and it is, again, Elissa. She says it is the most amazing feeling ever. Elissa tells McCrae and Amanda and they are after her really hard to put up Howard as the third nominee. Amanda says there is no other option. Elissa says in the Diary Room that she feels very used by them trying to make her do their dirty work in nominating Howard.

Howard goes up to talk to Helen. Andy, Elisa, Judd, and Spencer are all in the Head of Household room. Howard reveals the whole Moving Company alliance and his part in it. He says he was aligned with the wrong people and one of them (flash to Jeremy) was a bully. He says he doesn’t want the others to be bullied anymore and no matter what happens, he will still be on their side. He says he hasn’t lied about anything else. (Voting against Nick, dude?)

Elissa talks with Helen about the choice for the third nominee and what she should do. Elissa thinks she and Helen really have a connection. Helen says this is Elissa’s Head of Household as much as it is her. They agree they have to backdoor Jeremy, so they can’t put him up. Helen says it has to be Spencer or Howard going up on the block. Elissa doesn’t want to put him on the block, especially since there is no chance of him going home. Helen calls Amanda and McCrae up. Ninja Andy sneaks up too.

 Amanda says they totally cannot put Jeremy up because he will end up not going home and everyone agrees. Elissa is not happy about Amanda and McCrae trying to make Howard into a villain. Amanda does not like the idea of putting up Spencer instead because he is not a threat at all. Amanda says if something happens and Jeremy doesn’t go on the block, they need to have Howard up there to vote out. Elissa is not comfortable with putting up Howard. Amanda is totally worked up over this. She tells them that Howard is a liar and he’s dangerous and he is going to ruin their game. Amanda and Elissa start yelling a bit and Amanda walks out. Elissa starts crying.

Before the Veto Competition players are announced, the MVP secret nomination is revealed and Spencer has been chosen as the third nominee. Amanda is not a happy camper. Jeremy is desperate to be selected to play in the challenge so he can win the Power of Veto and prevent himself from being backdoored. Unfortunately for him, the randomly selected players to join Helen, Aaryn, Spencer and Kaitlin in the challenge. Helen selects Judd as the host of the competition.

Jeremy tells Kaitlin and Aaryn in private that he is totally going to get backdoored. Kaitlin says in the Diary Room that the only way Jeremy is going to be safe is that if either she or an ally wins the Power of Veto and doesn’t use it. She pulls GinaMarie aside and tells her that Helen and her crew are going to backdoor Jeremy. Kaitlin is very upset and almost in tears. She asks GM to please not use the Power of Veto if she wins it so Jeremy doesn’t get backdoored. GM says in Diary Room that Aaryn and Kaitlin are both her girls and she doesn’t know what to do. She knows Aaryn will want her to take her off the block.

Kaitlin tells Amanda that it would break her heart if she won the Power of Veto and used it to take herself off the block and Jeremy went up. Amanda basically threatens her and says if she did not use the Pov, she would be going home. Kaitlin asks why it couldn’t be Aaryn going home. Amanda says again it would not be good for Kaitlin not to use the PoV and that is her “one word of advice.”

For the Power of Veto Competition, the players go out into the backyard one at a time. Candice goes out and finds an art collection of famous masterpieces featuring current Big Brother Houseguests. The Helen Lisa, Jeremy as George Washington, which Candice hates because Jeremy would suck as president. The playershave to bounce on a trampoline to peek over a wall to see the art lined up on the other side in the neighbors’ house. Then she has to replicate the wall on her side of it in ‘their’ house. It’s harder than it looks because some of the paintings are near duplicates with only small differences.

After Candice, we have Aaryn coming up next and she says she has to win because she is a huge target. GinaMarie comes after Aaryn and she’s still struggling about what she will do if she wins. She freaks out when she sees Nick in one of the paintings and says it inspires her and gives her the drive to win. After she gets it, she says “by the grace of God and Nick,” she did well. Third eviction nominee Spencer comes next and he is really, really terrible at the game. You just know he is not going to win. He cheats by peeking around the corner of the wall at one point to see instead of bouncing on the trampoline.

Kaitlin is up next and she is hoping that if she wins, she will have leverage with Helen to somehow save Jeremy from the block. Helen comes last and she needs to win so she can take someone off the block and put up Jeremy as the replacement nominee. She is really uncoordinated and nearly falls off the trampoline several times.

Spencer fails badly and gets a terrible time. GinaMarie and Candice are about the same, with Candice slightly ahead, and both beat Aaryn. Kaitlin pulls in the fastest time so far by a full minute and is in the lead. Helen really, really, really doesn’t want Kaitlin to win because she might stay on the block and save Jeremy. Helen’s time is finally revealed… and Kaitlin is the Power of Veto Winner. Now she has to decide whether she should stay on the block and risk going home, or use the Power of Veto and let Jeremy get backdoored.

Kaitlin and Jeremy are in bed talking. Jeremy says he is so proud and wants to make love to her right now. He is all about convincing her to take him off the block. He says she should use tears to try to sway Helen to put up Howard instead of Jeremy. Kaitlin says she will be “emotional as f**k” to do it. They laugh and giggle and start smooching all over.

Kaitlin goes up to talk to Helen. Andy is, of course, right there because he is everywhere. Helen congratulates Kaitlin on winning but says if she doesn’t put up Jeremy, the house is going to kill her. Kaitlin says Howard is super shady and he has been throwing all the competitions to make himself look weaker. Helen says she has to put up Jeremy or the house will come after him. Plus, she says that Jeremy has been an a** to her. Kaitlin says if Helen kept him here, she would “own” him. Helen says Kaitlin is so sweet but she can’t change the plan. Kaitlin starts crying and she is so upset because he would be going up in her place.

Kaitlin pulls Jeremy into the pantry and tells him there is no way that Helen will change her mind about backdooring him. Jeremy says he can walk out the door with his head held high. Jeremy says he is “so badass” and a champion and can’t lose. Kaitlin says he did lose! Kaitlin doesn’t know if she wants to stay without him (they all say that in the showmances but they do stay). She wonders if the house would really vote her out over Aaryn if she didn’t use the Power of Veto and kept Jeremy safe.

We have a whole lot of Kaitlin staring at the Memory Wall while various HouseGuests talk in the Dairy Room about the Power of Veto. Helen says Kaitlin better use it or Kaitlin is going to go. Kaitlin says she loses either way. Aaryn says Kaitlin needs to use the PoV or she is going to be the biggest target on the block.

Time for the Power of Veto Ceremony and Kaitlin announces that she has decided to use the PoV on herself. Helen tries to hide a smirk as she tells Jeremy to take a seat as the replacement nomination. Jeremy says he laughs in the face of danger and this “Cherokee Chief” doesn’t go out that easily.

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