One of our very favorite things from the Big Brother 16 Power of Veto show this week was the amazing comic book covers of the Houseguests! The Big Brother 2014 cast members comic book covers were totally awesome and hilarious.

Big Brother 16 Devin comic book cover (CBS)

Big Brother 16 Devin comic book cover (CBS)

Our favorites out of all of them had to be Devin and Donny. Devin’s was just so spot on and mockingly snarky that we literally laughed out loud over it. Donny’s was just too much and so perfect we hope they give it to him so he can hang it on his wall and frame it.

Honestly, we suspect Zingbot must have had a hand in making some of these comic book covers. The majority of them are just too funny and suit each of the Big Brother 16 cast members so well. The only ones we thought were a little lame were Hayden’s (WTF with the crab thing?) and Brittany’s (they could have done so much more than soccer mom). Joey’s was weird… but kind of silly fun but we think they should have done something with evil guy Joey.

Check out all of the way too cool Big Brother 2014 cast comic book covers below. Click the thumbnails for bigger picks or to scroll through.

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