This Big Brother 21 morning started with a glimmer of excitement. Jackson Michie and Kathryn Dunn got into a bit of a disagreement. He detects that she’s acting jealous when he talks to and flirts with Holly Allen and Analyse Talavera. Kat claims that she’s not acting jealous. This lead to a lecture from Jackson about Kat needing to hold in her emotions in the game. This wasn’t real life, and emotions only hurt your long term Big Brother 21 game.

Big Brother 21 Day 14 Live Feeds

The conversation basically went nowhere because Jackson just continued to lecture her, and Kat tried to argue that she wasn’t being the way Jackson said. Eventually, Jackson stormed out and vented his frustrations about Kat to Analyse and Holly. The more he discussed Kat, the angrier he became. He decided she had to go.

Jackson didn’t just want her out because she was annoying him and hurting his game, but because he started to see the value of keeping Ovi Kabir. He knew Ovi was a smart and loyal player who would be on the side of the eight, where as Kat was an emotional player who could go any which way. Jackson then tried to work on Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy. They were very much open to the vote flip, until Jack Matthews shut that hope down.

Big Brother 21 Day 14 Live Feeds

The rest of the day, Ovi continued to campaign for his life. Kat just continued to make sure she wasn’t really being tricked and the real target. Some of the Big Brother 21 houseguests also didn’t enjoy not just telling Ovi the truth. They wanted to tell him that he didn’t have the votes, but others insisted that they wait until Wednesday morning.

The houseguests also discussed the next Head of Household. Members of the eight, specifically Nick Maccarone mentioned not wanting to win this HOH, but let Kemi Fakunle win it and strike at Jack. Jack and Isabella Wang also talked and she told him his hypocrisy, like being mad at her for forming a side alliance with Kemi when he had an alliance with Ovi, and other secret alliances. This talk seemed to rebuild some of their trust.

Cliff Hogg III and Nick both tried to warn Ovi that the numbers weren’t looking good for him. Everyone else gave vague information about their votes. They basically said they would go with the house but the house hadn’t decided yet.

Ovi continued to campaign late into the evening. He eventually decided to pull his biggest ace out of his hand. He revealed to Jackson and Jack that he had the Nightmare Wacktivity. He told them the details of it, and he said he would use it on them if they kept him in the game.

This made Jack and Jackson want to keep him. It also made them consider eliminating Bella and Nick from their alliance for Ovi. The house was once again flipping in Ovi’s favor.

However, Christie wasn’t excited about the power when the boys presented the idea to her. This made her want Ovi out even more, so this powerful reward would be out the game.

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