It was another relatively quiet Big Brother 21 Sunday. Kathryn Dunn wore her Power of Veto like a badge of honor, and those around her planned for this week’s eviction. On Saturday, Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang spoke about wanting to get Nicole Anthony out this week, but Gr8ful, mainly lead by Christie Murphy, talked about keeping her in the game.

The plan to keep Nicole seemed full speed ahead, but there was a new opposing voice: Tommy Bracco. He thinks the Big Brother 21 house needs to get rid of Nicole and keep Cliff Hogg III, because Nicole might be a more dangerous threat to Gr8ful. Until Thursday, we expect a lot of debating about Nicole and Cliff’s future in the Big Brother 21 game.

Kemi Fakunle and Nicole were both feeling the stress of the house. Nicole was worried about causing her family stress  and anxiety from being in the game, and at one point, Kemi even said she wanted to go home. Despite their frustrations and stresses, both Nicole and Kemi continued to fight for their spot in the game. Kemi had a talk with Nick and they hashed it out. They discussed Kemi’s speech and Nick bringing personal things into the game. They seemed to resolve some of their issues.

Meanwhile, Holly Allen was making her way around the house, having game talks with a few different players. Holly and Tommy discussed Sam Smith being one of the most dangerous players in the game. They talked about wanting to get rid of him first between the trio of him, Nick, and Bella. They also talked about Christie spilling too much information.

Tommy also told people that getting rid of Nicole this week might be the smarter move because Nick exposed their alliance to her, so it could come back to hurt them. Tommy also stated that they should try to pull whoever wins Camp Comeback to their side.

Power of Veto holder (we’re sure she would want us to state that) Kat had a discussion with Jessica Milagros and she once again confirmed that she would use the Veto on her. She also said that she didn’t understand how Holly was a better game piece for Jackson Michie than her. She also wanted David Alexander to return and target Jackson. Kat joked about bad mouthing Jackson in the DR, and it led to a little bit of an explosion from him, which upset Kat. Kat had a busy day where she made two final two deals, one with Jessica and the other with Holly.

There was a lot of drama last night between Bella, Analyse Talavera, and Nick. Earlier in the day, Analyse and Holly had a discussion about whether Nick could be trusted. Holly didn’t think so, but Analyse thought that Nick was loyal to her, even more so than Jack Matthews. She said Jack’s real loyalty was with Christie, but she could see Nick protecting her. She felt she could be more of herself with Nick.

Fast forward to later that night, Nick and Analyse were kind of cuddling on the couch, while, Bella could see them from the Head of Household TV. She complained about this to Tommy, and told him that she questioned Nick’s real feelings for her. She thought he might really want Analyse. When Nick returned to the room, the two discussed this, and Nick tried to ensure Bella that he wanted her and cared about her. He was comfortable with Analyse as a friend and because she was with Jack.

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