Problem Number Two with Becky’s Plan – Not Adequately Preparing JJM

Vanessa rats out the rat to JJM!

Vanessa rats out the rat to JJM!

Becky needed to come completely clean with JJM about her past in the Big Brother House. Rats are universally hated the world over in literal form and human form. By not telling JJM that she was with the other side for a while, and divulging information to them, it left her vulnerable and gave Vanessa the ammo she needed to create distrust for Becky amongst her allies. It is likely that Becky did not realize that Clay and Shelli told Vanessa what she said, but it probably would have been a good idea to cover that base given how close Clelli and Vanessa have been all game.

Becky did tell JJM about the alliance she was forced into with Vanessa when Jason was on the block. That was good on her part. She did not tell them that she had named the alliance The Generals. That part was not so good.

Lastly, it did not help that Becky spent time bashing JJM when she joined up with Vanessa, Clay and Shelli. Vanessa was able to regurgitate much of what Becky said about the group right back to them, putting her own spin on it. ie, Becky called James a sexist and said that she would target him. Naturally, James did not like that. She said that she did not want to work with JJM and was waiting to join up with Clelli and Vanessa because JJM are not game players. JJM did not like that. She had a very derisive tone throughout that entire conversation that Vanessa was able to convey to them.

Yes, it would have been a tough conversation for Becky to have, letting them know how she betrayed them, but if she was going to put Vanessa on the block and be so brutally honest about why she did it, she needed to also be brutally honest with JJM. Hearing the truth from her mouth would have been so much better than hearing it from Vanessa.

Problem Three – Trying too hard to Protect Shelli

Becky has made it abundantly clear that she has a soft spot for Shelli. The way she regards her is as if she is some kind of victim of Vanessa’s. It is obvious that she believes that, if it was not for Vanessa, both Clay and Shelli would still be in the house.

Becky’s fondness for Shelli has not gone unnoticed by JJM. Their first red flag was that she insisted that they needed to use the Power of Veto on Shelli if they won it. Then, she would put up Vanessa in her spot and take her out. This move obviously would have kept Shelli safe and, no matter what came out afterward, there would be no way for JJM to change their minds and flip the vote on her. Things did not quite go as planned and Steve won the POV, forcing Becky to put Vanessa on the block right next to Shelli.

Coupling Problem Two and Problem Three did nothing but breed paranoia in JJM that Becky’s real desire is to work with Shelli and that she does not actually want to take her out. Of course, it is hard to call something paranoia when there is some truth to it. Interestingly, Becky still seems to miss that Shelli has always been most loyal to Vanessa, even after she picked Vanessa as Houseguest Choice to play for the Veto. So, the question is why risk your game for someone who has never treated you like a true ally?

Problem Four – Not Mending Fences between Shelli and JJM

Okay, logically and reasonably, there is no way that anyone could or would believe that Shelli would actually forgive James for taking out Clay. She has played a personal game from the very start, and this would be no different. However, both Becky and Shelli have neglected the fact that they actually need JJM’s votes this week if she wants to survive next eviction.

If it is not bad enough that things are tense between JJM and Shelli, Shelli did not make things any better by going off on a rant about James wearing a hoodie that Clay left behind. So incensed that the “little man” had the nerve to parade around in her fallen hero’s clothing, with the help of Julia, she actually snatched the hoodie from James’ Have Not dentist chair and hid it from him. Yes, a woman of the age of 33 hid a piece of clothing from someone, instead of just politely and maturely asking for it; or better yet, simply ignoring it and focusing on priorities. She then bragged to anyone who would listen about how she had taken the shirt and was going to wash it and- wear it around the house so that James could see it. Priorities.

Since James probably developed a sense of object permanence when he was a baby, like most of the human population, when he returned to the Have Not room, he noticed that the hoodie was gone right away. Now, is a missing hoodie really a big deal in real life? Not even remotely. But, in the Big Brother house, that missing hoodie was a reminder of Shelli’s pettiness and how she could not and would not offer anything in return to JJM for their votes.

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