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Big Brother 13 Cast Announcement Update!

By: on June 27, 2011 |

We have an official update on the Big Brother 13 cast announcement! Robyn Kass, casting director for Big Brother 13, posted a teaser to her Twitter feed on Sunday regarding the BB13 cast.

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Go inside the Big Brother house on Press Day

By: on May 11, 2011 |

Ever wanted to get inside the Big Brother house, but couldn’t stomach a 3 month long power struggle? Well now CBS is giving you the chance! Every year Big Brother let’s a group of journalists move inside the house for a weekend prior to the houseguests moving in. It helps the producers test drive the […]

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Big Brother 12 Eviction Results & Live Feeds go dark

By: on September 7, 2010 |

Just wanted to let everyone know (if you didn’t already) that the Big Brother 12 live feeds and Big Brother After Dark have gone dark. CBS has blocked the feeds due to the secret (?) eviction that took place over the past 24hrs. Also happening/happened is the final 3-part Head of Household competition. To find […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Power of Veto Winner Week 8

By: on August 30, 2010 |

Big Brother 12 is creeping ever closer to the finale and the tension is getting thick enough to cut with a knife in the BB house. If, that is, the Big Brother Houseguests still had access to eating utensils…

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Head of Household Week 8

By: on August 27, 2010 |

Last night’s Big Brother 12 live double eviction episode was serious fun to watch, but we were disappointed the show ended before the second Head of Household was named! So, of course, we had to head directly over to the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds to see what happened next.

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Big Brother 12: Double Eviction and HOH Competition Week 7

By: on August 26, 2010 |

Tonight on Big Brother 12 was the dreaded double eviction for the Houseguests and what happened will change the entire nature of the game!

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Does Enzo Deserve a Penalty Vote for Eating Violations?

By: on August 25, 2010 |

In the Big Brother 12 house, there are the Haves and there are the Have-Nots. Have-Nots are forced to sleep in a room full of gross things in jars on bare bones cots with no extra comforts. They are also required to eat only “slop” and whatever two other items America votes for them to have.

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Big Brother 12: Week 7 Fan Favorite Poll

By: on August 25, 2010 |

This season of Big Brother 12 is already half over and this week we’ll see two more of the Houseguests hitting the door and off to the Jury House. So we wanted to know who you think is the most likely to win out of the remaining Houseguests?

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Big Brother 12: Nominations Episode – Week 7

By: on August 23, 2010 |

On Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother, the Brigade alliance continues to fall apart while Ragan and Britney celebrate Matt’s shocking use of the Diamond Power of Veto to save himself from elimination.

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Power of Veto Winner – Week 7

By: on August 21, 2010 |

The drama is getting high in the Big Brother 12 house as we begin a new week of catfights and craziness. Last night Britney, as the new Head of Household, announced her nominations for elimination. Today, the Houseguests competed for the coveted Power of Veto. Read on to find out who won.

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