To prepare for the Celebrity Big Brother live eviction, the houseguests talked about their next targets. Shannon Elizabeth also made her last pleas for safety. The real Celebrity Big Brother action didn’t happen until after the live broadcast ended.

Celebrity Big Brother Omarosa

Celebrity Big Brother live feed watchers were treated to the privilege of being able to watch this week’s Head of Household competition play out live. It would be a few hours before a new HOH was crowned, but it was worth the wait to see the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests squirm once Omarosa gained power.

In true superfan fashion, Shannon refused to go out in a whimper. She used her remaining hours to campaign to her fellow housemates. Her efforts proved useless because she was still voted out the Celebrity Big Brother house by a 5 to 1. Ross Mathews, also in true superfan fashion, tried to work for that jury vote by revealing the backdoor Shannon plan, and blaming most of it on Brandi Glanville. Shannon told Julie Chen that despite Ross’s efforts, he still wasn’t getting her vote.

Celebrity Big Brother Day 17 Live Feeds

During the Head of Household competition, on the sidelines, the real gaming was happening. Ariadna Gutierrez revealed to Ross and Metta World Peace that Brandi  cast the vote against Mark McGrath. Brandi revealed (in secret) that she wanted to win Shannon’s jury vote by tossing her this one.

Ari was very upset at what she thought was a clear betrayal, by not sticking with the team. Once Marissa Jaret Winokur heard about the vote, she played it up a lot. Brandi even got a small lecture from the group about the vote switch.

The second biggest event from the live HOH was James Maslow and Omarosa agreeing to a deal. She promised to not nominate him, nor backdoor him if he fell off the wall. James was already struggling but he was very hesitant to take the deal. After the HOH, Marissa and Ari told Omarosa that James was slipping, so she shouldn’t have made the deal. James should be safe this week, unless the newest voting twist takes the nomination control away from Omarosa.

Celebrity Big Brother Day 17 Live Feeds

Many of the once comfortable houseguests, like Ross and Marissa, now found themselves worried about who Omarosa would nominate with James off the board.

Check back later today to find out who Omarosa nominates for eviction. Then come back tomorrow morning for the next Celebrity Big Brother live feeds updates.

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